Wendy's Japan Just Goes Ahead and Adds $16 Lobster and Caviar Sandwich

Wendy's Japan Facebook
Not to be out done by French Laundry's sauteed fillet of Atlantic hake, or Noma's tartar and sorrel with juniper and tarragon, or Carl's Jr's Big Carl, Japan Wendy's has added a burger with lobster. And a lobster sandwich topped with caviar. Each is about $16 (US), and can be enjoyed elegantly with a Ocean Premium Salad. That salad features lobster, egg, avocado, caviar and onion for about $20, says Eater.

Wendy's updated slogan, if you haven't been following, is "Now that's better," which must be referencing what's said after not eating Wendy's. Japan Wendy's has already tossed other animals on top of their burgers, like foie gras. Here in 'Merica, Wendy's is pushing us to "step it up" with chili-cheese soaked fries, macaroni and cheese (those come with the Twitter hash tag #upgradeyourmeal) and sweet potatoes.

That said, is it just me or do Japan Wendy's Frosties look amazing?

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Atleast they are finally trying; they have been left in the wake of the aggressive marketing/new menu's of Mc D's, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, and now, even BK!?  Should have made some changes years ago.....may be too late?  


That's not lobster, it's whale

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