The Wake N' Bacon Alarm Clock Lets You Wake Up to the Smell of Bacon

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Wake N' Bacon
You may have caught this via the tele on an episode of ABC's Shark Tank, but it absolutely deserves repeating. Because its bacon. And we can never have enough bacon coverage.

Wake N' Bacon is a giant pig-head alarm clock that cooks bacon. With this bedside contraption, you can wake-up to the sultry scent of bacon instead of a local radio show, which could be playing any number of annoying songs and then your day is just off to a bad start. Ensure a happy beginning with bacon.

Inventor Matty Sallin basically bought a cheap alarm clock and rerouted the wire that goes to the speaker to a set of lights. When the alarm is triggered, "pre-cooked bacon" is heated with a pair halogen light bulbs. Four minutes later, your olfactory senses are awakened.

Sallin didn't get any help on Shark Tank. In the comments section of his blog there is a litany of recommendations like not using real bacon, but bacon essence. I could see some potential problems with having raw bacon bedside over night. But, I'm sure those are all minor details. We can put a rover on Mars. Surely we can wake up to bacon without having to actually get up. NASA?

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Mmmmmmmm.......bacon!  Any chance in someone making a Brisket Alarm Clock?   Or heck, I'd even settle for a Campfire Alarm Clock; imagine the nice aroma of pine or mesquite to beckon thee in the wee morn.  


How about a Rainbow Trout on a Plank Alarm Clock?

Nana's North End Red Sauce Alarm Clock? 



OR, for you latenighters, how about a "Drunk 3AM Drive Thru Taco Alarm Clock", replete with the horrific, delayed smell of yellowing grease, and a bag to puke in?


OR, for you rustic types, how about the "Smoking in a Waterfall in Oklahoma with Cigarette and Cheap Beer Stench Alarm Clock"?  This magnificent piece comes with an adult diaper, a shaver (to create your own mullet!), a 4 person tent and a 2 day pass to Turner Falls.  Don't forget to bring the hot dogs and classic rock. Also, throw as much trash as you can on ground, so come Monday, it'll take 60-70 man hours to clean up this Davis institution. 


ps-Nothing is better than going to TF when it's north of 105 degrees, and seeing people throw up in Honey Creek, and watching people pee in public, the whole time the scenario is exacerbated by trash, drunks and thumping Tejano music. Ahhh, natural beauty!

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