Teiichi Sakurai of Tei-An to Open Fish Market at Sylvan | Thirty

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Allison V. Smith
Sylvan | Thirty, a mixed-use culinary and shopping development under construction in north Oak Cliff announced this morning that award-winning local chef and restaurateur, Teiichi Sakuri, has signed a lease for fresh fish market at the development.

From the release, the yet-to-be-named fish market will connected with organic grocer, Cox Farms Market, and a custom-cut butcher and wine shop, Matador Meat & Wine.

The fish market is the sixth tenant at the project, including the two mentioned above and Pearl Cup Coffee, Sync Yoga & Wellness and a culinary incubator, overseen by Chef Sharon Hage.

My fingers are giddy trying to find the right keys to describe the utter excitement and joy of having "Teich" and Sharon Hage under one roof. The Dallas dining scene just evolved exponentially. I heard it outside. It was big boom. Did you hear it too?

Teich's award-winning restaurants include Tei-An, Tei-Tei Robata Bar, and Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar on Lower Greenville.

The Sylvan | Thirty project should be completed in early 2013. More tenants are expected to be added to the line-up, including three different restaurant concepts. It's located at the southeast intersection of Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenues, just north of I-30.

Location Info

Teppo Yakitori Sushi Bar

2014 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Pearl Cup Coffee

1900 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Sylvan | Thirty

1818 Sylvan Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: General

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How can it be open in early 2013 when it hasn't broken ground yet? 


Wow. The Cedars. Bishop Arts. And now West Dallas is taking off with places like this. This will be killer being right next to the Cox Farms grocery and Sharon Hage. Glad to see that part of town getting its long overdue attention. Too bad they wont be open when all the Dallas Marathoners run thru West Dallas later this year.


repost from Sidedish:


So that’s why Teiich was at TJ’s a few weeks ago asking all of those specific detailed questions…

This is great news. For 22 years, we at TJ’s have been talking about the difference of buying fish at a fish market v. a grocery store.

The fact that another great chef is seeing and meeting that demand is GREAT NEWS.

Fish is not scary. Seafood is easy to do at home. If you can cook steak or chicken, you can cook sublime seafood.

The FDA suggests we eat 2-3 servings of fresh fish a week. TJ’s customers you can “cheat” and visit Teich’s place weekly, TJ’s weekly and still be eating a “normal” amount of fish.

Welcome to the party, Teiich. Best of luck to all involved!

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