Londoner Pub Will Open in Rohst Space This Fall

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You can't have too much fish and chips.
News that Rohst, the Korean fusion restaurant that opened a year ago on Greenville Avenue, had closed began making it's way around the internet last week, which is telling considering the restaurant closed on August 2, according to a Facebook post.

Rohst's original owners, Michele and Steve Choi, who sold Chosun (now renamed Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ) to open the restaurant, saw the writing on the wall shortly after opening. They bailed just as I was completing my review, leaving the restaurant in the hands of co-owner Wonjong Ham. Obviously Ham's attempts to fill what was an empty dining room across all my visits were unsuccessful.

Greenville Avenue residents are likely not complaining. Rosemarie Tate, who owns multiple locations of the Londoner Pub, says she's signed a lease on the space, and plans to open a fifth pub with the same name in about six weeks.

Tate plans to update the space to incorporate what she calls "The Londoner feel" (think: dark wood, a faint smell of stale beer, and delicious fish and chips) and give Dallasites another place to take in soccer matches. "I think that soccer is really expanding," Tate said, noting that sales at the pubs during the European Cup this year, were on par with the much larger World Cup held in 2010. She thinks more people are watching the sport now.

The new space is mammoth compared to the Uptown location and there is room for a zillion TV's. If Tate pulls off an attractive renovation, I'll bet the new Londoner becomes the go to spot for East Dallas soccer fans this fall.

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Rohst - CLOSED

2817 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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I like Trinity Hall and support them, however I must admit that Londoner has a superior breakfast.  Their one drawback is that they tend to show only one EPL game at a time in the morning.  That and Barry is a Chelsea fan.


Nice, now when I walk to The Dub and then wander across the street I can proclaim I am crossing St Georges Channel when I stumble into the Londoner. Don Quixote lives......


The go to spot for soccer in East Dallas, is and always will be Trinity Hall. Soccer, Rugby, GAA, it's all on at Trinity Hall!

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Arlington would be great for one of these, either in Lincoln Square or The Highlands.  The rest are just to far to get up every saturday and trek to for English footie and 8 am beer

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

 @scott.reitz yeah I didnt make any games last year at all.  Chelsea fan since 95 (my club coach was from there and my first EPL jersey was Chelsea)

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