Bowery Opens, Screen Door Closes and More From a Very Busy July

Bowery is now open on McKinney Avenue
Another very busy month has come and gone, and with it several Dallas restaurants have opened while others have closed their doors for good. Read on for the full list and be sure to share tips about restaurant openings or closings in the comments section below or at


Bowery (3407 McKinney): The new hot dog restaurant has found a home in Uptown, where Lumi used to be.

Becks Prime(5931 Forest): The Houston-based burger house is now open on Preston.

Flying Saucer (111 E. Third): Fort Worth has a new Flying Saucer.

Rusty Tacos (1920 Main): Rusty Tacos, located in the Main Street Gardens, opened early last month.

Boulevardier (408 N. Bishop): The French bistro is now open in Bishop Arts.

Ten Bells Tavern (232 W. 7th): This new Oak Cliff restaurant and bar opened across the street from The Oak Cliff Social Club.

Maid-Rite (4101 West Green Oaks): The loose meat joint has opened a new location in Arlington.


The Commissary (1722 Routh St.): The burger joint is gone. Ziziki's, a Mediterranean restaurant, will open in its place.

Screen Door (1722 Routh): The restaurant in One Arts Plaza has closed it's doors for good.

Snookie's (5181 Keller Springs): Snookie's located on Keller Springs Road has closed. A Liberty Burger has taken over the space.

Momo's Pasta(3312 Knox): The Italian restaurant has moved from Knox Street over to the Quadrangle.

Goghee to Go (2222 Inwood): The Korean barbecue taco joint is now closed.

Craft and Ghostbar(2440 Victory Park): Both Craft and Ghostbar, located in the W Hotel, are closing.

Coming soon:

Pop Diner (3600 McKinney): The 24-hour diner will pop up in the West Village.

Jojo (2626 Howell St.): This new eatery and bar is scheduled to open in the fall.

Liberty Burger (5181 Keller Springs): The burger joint is taking over the space that once housed Snookie's.

Pastazios New York Pizza (2519 Fitzhugh): The New York style pizzeria has popped up on Fitzhugh.

Cafe Des Artistes(1722 Routh): Lombardi Family Restaurants are taking over the space where Screen Door used to reside.

Start Restaurant (4814 Greenville): The new "healthy" Greenville Avenue restaurant hopes to open its doors in the next week.

Craft and Growler (3601 Parry): According to their Facebook page, Craft and Growler is aiming to open in Fair Park in October.

Location Info

Bowery Dallas - CLOSED

3407 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

Becks Prime

5931 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Main Street Garden Park

1920 Main St, Dallas, TX

Category: General

Ten Bells Tavern

232 W. 7th St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

The Commissary - CLOSED

1722 Routh St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Screen Door - CLOSED

1722 Routh St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Snookie's - CLOSED

5181 Keller Springs Rd, Dallas, TX

Category: Music

MoMo's Pasta - CLOSED

3312 Knox St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Goghee To Go

4895 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

W Hotel

2440 Victory Park Lane, Dallas, TX

Category: General

The Oak Cliff Social Club

238 W. Davis St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

And Breadwinners takin over Cibus location closing end of month.


Don't forget East Dallas.  Mi Cocina opened in July in Lakewood and Matt's and Mecca are opening at Skillman/Live Oak.



 Sonny Bryans closed 2 months ago dude. Craft hasnt closed and wont until end of August. Who fact checks this shit?

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