New iPhone Gadget Will Determine if Food is Really Organic

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Wondering about the true carbon footprint of that cauliflower? (Yeah, I stole that from a commercial. But, it's funny! Love Gallagher!) Does that weird slime around your organic baby carrots taste and feel like something from a chemical plant? Feel bamboozled at the farmers' market? (Feel like this is an infomercial?)

Fast Company reported earlier on an iPhone accessory that can test properties in your food to determine if it truly is organic. A steel probe is inserted into the food and measures the nitrate concentration, which is an indicator of non-organic fertilizers.

Luckily, they're dumbing down the science part and most measurements will be shown in simple "this is good, this is bad" style.

They device also has the technology to test humidity, temperature and radiation.

We're thinking this is going to be a hot item once it hits the market seeing as how they blew their Kickstarter campaign out of the water. They needed $25,000. They raised $170,018.

The design is modular, sleek and clean. Running the programs is simple -- no configuration required. Just add the cauliflower.

Lapka is in the final production stage of the product and they expect it to hit the markets the end of this year for around $220.

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Quoted from the article:


"measures the nitrate concentration, which is an indicator of non-organic fertilizers". 


This is absolutely false. The essential plant nutrient nitrogen (N) under the correct conditions, oxidizes to nitrate (NO3-) regardless of the source (organic or synthetic). Some plants have a preference for nitrate nitrogen (NO3-) and some have a preference for ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4+). Again, the source (synthetic or organic) doesn't matter. PLUS, the presence of nitrate would not be a reliable indicator of non-NOP compliant practices being used to produce the crop.


Save your money.


Good lord, I thought Siri made people look like hopeless dorks.  This is in an entirely different league.

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