A Few Spaces Remain for Lockhart's Smoke Camp

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Don't think of all the money you dropped this summer on band or football camp for the kids; just remember the good times. Sitting alone in silence, cursing indiscriminately, watching DVR'd episodes of Breaking Bad in broad daylight, without regard for curious little eyes and ears. Camps are the best thing ever invented for adults with kids, but " target="_blank">Lockhart's makes them cool for the rest of us.

The Oak Cliff meatery is offering another one day "camp" class on August 27, imparting secrets behind what The Englishman calls "greatest chocolate you'd ever tasted, but [made] out of delicious meat."

Tickets are $75, and "class includes dinner, cold beer and a T-shirt." As of this morning, a few spaces remain, so call 214-944-5521 for more details and to reserve your space right away.

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Or you can do what I did last summer, and work at a reputable BBQ place for a few months-and get paid!  I learned everything I didn't already know about the pit(s0, cuts of meat(s), what to smoke, what to slightly smoke, what happens when the pit break and causes chaos, types of wood, etc. 


Trust me, you "cain't" learn it all in one day; even with some experience!

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