Huevos Estrellados is About to Go Huge (If the Quarter Slots Are Hot)

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My aunt is betting the farm out in Las Vegas this week (we agreed it's a good time to sell) and last night she sent me a picture of a dish she's had twice at Julian Serrano's restaurant in the ARIA resort and casino. The dish is called Huevos Estrellados, which is a plate of french fries covered with fried eggs and imported Spanish chorizo.

Her iPhone shot was a little fuzzy, but I found a better one on Flickr (although in her photo the yolks were definitely more plump, as though they were about to explode). Regardless, it looks amazing. I honestly can't stop thinking about this dish now, and I especially wonder: 1) Was chef Serrano stoned or drunk when he came up with it? 2) Why isn't this a staple of the American late-night diet?

So, I guess there are a couple of ways to attack this dish: either by cutting through with a fork, or by poking the eggs with the fries. I'd probably do it the latter, soak up yolk then shovel on small bits of chorizo.

The eggs have to be prefect though, right? And if they are farm fresh (like a real farm, not just a label), it'd be heavenly.

I'm sure it tastes better soaking up booze after a long night in Vegas, but I'm also pretty certain it would taste good in any kitchen at any time. With just three easy ingredients, this should be your next go-to late night food.

I wouldn't fry the potatoes, but cook them in the convection oven on a high heat, then toss them in some rosemary oil and top off with a touch of Tony's Creole Seasoning. I also might use sweet potatoes instead of white. Maybe Alexia waffle cut sweet potatoes, since they are stronger and would allow for more yolk and chorizo topping.

Also, I'd definitely use the same pan to cook the egg after the chorizo to soak up more flavor. I'd top off the entire plate with another sprinkle of Tony's.

When my aunt gets back, I'm going to get her to front me a little cash then I'm going to create a chain of restaurants all strategically placed near college campuses that will serve nothing but variations of this dish. Soon, I'll be a kachillionaire and they'll name all the really important buildings after me. Maybe even a bridge.

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why not make some kick a.... hollandaise and just dip your fries

primi_timpano topcommenter

A couple of thoughts on this awesome dish. RunDMC's reference is a good one. Instead of fries I would use a potato galette, which offers the possibility of enhancing the potatoes, e.g., parsley, spinach, onions, garlic, etc. Nice presentation, too. I would be wary of the chorizo. Spanish chorizo is a hard sausage unlike Mexican chorizo. I would use the Mexican chorizo. Even better is the Spanish jamon recommended in DMC's recipe. If a good Spanish ham is unavailable substitute a good Italian prosciutto. Thx for my next breakfast. Glad to see your Mom is having fun in Vegas, as opposed to say, Decatur. And this posting software really sucks, and sucks badly.


Mmmmmmm. How about replacing the potatoes with rice? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


That's just a variation of a breakfast scramble myself and I'm sure many, many other people do. Hash browns (Southern-style cubes are best), diced bacon, onion, and whatever else floats your boat left-over in the fridge, all covered with cheese and fried eggs on top and hot sauce of your choosing.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I just had eyegasm, followed by an erection in my stomach. Im going to have blue intestine if I dont satisfy this problem now. I want, no NEED this right now. I would definately pop the yolk and let it run down over the fries.


Cubed potatoes or hash browns would probably work much better, since this already isn't really practical as finger food.

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