Down the Hatch Chilies as Local Restaurants Trot Out the Seaonal Favorite

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Central Market's 17th annual Hatch Chile Festival is back in full swing and Dallas is still making a big deal about it. Are they worth the hype? Will they rearrange your culinary universe?

That friends, is up to you and your palates. Go sample, enjoy. But if you're like us and too lazy to take Central Market's cooking classes, the flavorful peppers are also available throughout the city's restaurant culture this time of year.

Blue Mesa Grill goes so far as to throw their own Hatch Chile Festival, replete with a dinner party from 5 to 9 p.m. August 22. With a full Hatch menu, available until the elusive little buggers run out, Blue Mesa has more Hatch options than Volvo, and you can sample them all on Wednesday evening with a $14.95 buffet at all locations. The most unusual item on the menu? The Pineapple Hatch Margarita.

hatch burg.jpg
Marquee Grill's $16 Hatch Chile Cheeseburger is not, despite popular myth, presented on a diamond encrusted platter; the pricy patty is, however, grilled over hickory and oak before being topped with roasted green Hatch chiles, grilled red onions, crunchy coleslaw and tortilla strips before being slathered with Tre Wilcox's own house-made chorizo crumble queso.

hatch pizza.jpg
If any Dallas institution knows how to utilize local, Il Cane Rosso is near the top of the list with its newest creation combining Lockhart's burnt ends with roasted Hatch green chile that's simultaneously sweet and salty, but doesn't forget to bring the heat.

hatch stew.jpg
The Blue Goose Cantina is also running its annual Hatch menu (apparently restaurants with "blue" in the name always do this) with everything from queso to enchiladas amped up with a little Hatch. But for something more off the map, they're also offering a traditional New Mexico style stew with roasted Hatch chiles, pork, potatoes and carrots. Wondering who the hell would eat stew this time of year? Ask the 75 fans who liked it on Facebook this week.

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Blue Mesa Grill - CLOSED

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Village Marquee - Texas Grill & Bar

33 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX

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Il Cane Rosso

2612 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

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Blue Goose Cantina

2905 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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Eff the rest of those, the masses (or just I) want to know if the Whataburger Green Chile Cheeseburger is due for a go this year!


If you miss the local roastings or live out of town, my family has a farm in Hatch and we actually ship direct to consumers.


Best things to do with the Hatch Chili's:


-Roast or Broil (with cumin), and add to your homemade pico.  I ate about a gallon of Hatch Salsa "jesterday". 


-Split said hatch; stuff with diced chicken and fresh parm, and bake on 350-for 20 minutes. Drizzle with Jalapeno Ranch and /or BBQ Sauce.


-Ya'll have to try the Hatch Chili Burrito's at Allsup's, when travelin' out West. 



ps-Tom Thumb has Hatch Chili's on sale for .69 a pound....I bought about half the crop on Friday.  Or go to CM, and spend $2.49 a pound for the same chili's!


Note-Hatch Chili's are not hot; even the Kergie kid ate one.






Chuys' Green Chile Pork Carnitas - so good they'll rawk yer face off.    




That sh+t is good...and that's one recipe I can't/won't replicate; likes Jakes Flamin' Rooster. 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship @todd I like the boom-boom sauce just like I like the boom-boom room. At celebrations they had Hatch Chile Relleno looking thingy

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