Digg's Tacos are a Cheap, Alternate Source of College Fuel

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I left the RFOC dismayed and hungry, mostly because I pushed more food around my plate than I ate. As I walked across the street to jump in my car, I saw Digg's Taco shop on Hillcrest Avenue and decided it was a good day for a double lunch. I wanted to see how a restaurant a beer can's throw away from campus compared.

Digg's is a small, modern taco shop filled with trendy music, youthful diners and the smells of simmering swine. The pork taco wasn't true carnitas (it was braised, not fried) but the flavor was fresh and toppings were lush and vibrant. A chicken taco was even better, loaded with tender, juicy meat and topped with crunchy lettuce and a fresh salsa.

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They were cheap, too. I spent roughly the same amount inside Digg's that I did at the SMU RFOC and got two tacos that would leave any normal kid sated. I also got a can of Tecate beer. Pretty sure beer resonates with college kids. They even serve it in a paper bag so students get to know what drinking will be like if they fail out.

According to SMU's website, first-year, resident students are required to participate in an RFOC meal plan that gives them access to all they can eat chow, seven days a week. That's a shame when restaurants within a block or two provide much more delicious food, sometimes for less money. It must be hard to turn down prepared chow that's already been paid for on a college student's budget that has to manage books, tuition and (let's be honest) booze.

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Digg's Taco Shop

6309 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, TX

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