Cinnabon Has a Pizzabon And Two Guys-abon Tried it

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The Cinnabon pizza, known officially as the Pizzabon, is here. It's real. It's an actual thing happening in our solar system right now. Only in Atlanta, however, which is ever so disappointing.

News broke a couple of weeks ago that Cinnabon is testing these swirly pizzas, but I'm like you, I want something besides the press release photo as proof. And I also want honest commentary from someone who isn't a food critic, but plays one on YouTube.

So, via Grist, I found this video of Henry Owings and his buddy Sadesh. They took one for the team (all of America is the team) and went to a mall food court in the outskirts of Atlanta to try the new Pizzabon.

I appreciate that these two guys brought no pretense to their sticky table. I got the impression they eat crap all the time and were excited at the possibility of a swirly pizza. But, unfortunately, they hated the Pizzabon. Owings said it was like eating "a coronary embolism."

Another interesting tidbit from this video, however, is there's a Cinnabon panini too. I haven't been to a Cinnabon in years (since I was preggo and they had one right next to the maternity store at the mall, which borders on cruel and unusual punishment), but how long has Cinnabon been making sandwiches?

They take a cinnamon roll and slice it horizontally, then put what appears to be turkey, cheese and mustard inside. Then, the sandwich is pressed and slightly burned.

Owings and Sadesh actually liked it "much better" and "way better" then the pizza contraption. The most honest and rousing endorsement came from Sadesh who said, "I'd eat this in an airport."

Nailed it. That's the exact kind of crap we'd eat when we're trapped somewhere. That kind of statement really helps put things in perspective.

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Not pizza.


I may or may not eat that at an airport, but I'd definitely eat that under a bridge.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Gross.  That thing has about as much appeal as Jeno's Pizza Rolls.


I stopped eating Cinnabon after I found out one cinnamon roll has about 2,500 calories (give or take 500). And that sandwich sounds fat-tastic


"I'd eat this in an airport."


There should be an over/under on how long your flight is before having one prior to boarding a plane.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@cynicaloldbastard cinnamon rolls dont typically give me this shits so adding a few little pizza toppings probably wont put me over the top. I do need the extra hot jizzy sauce please. And yes I have a gotten a cinnabon leaving the airport to head home. thanks Louis

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