Chicken Soup for the Soul Will Actually Be Chicken Soup Soon

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Chicken Soup for the Soul
What do heart-warming personal stories bursting with inspiration and encouragement taste like? Soon we'll all be able to find out. In yet another move to prove that anything can be sold with the right marketing angle, the publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul has created a line of comfort foods that will soon be available in supermarkets everywhere, begining with chicken noodle soup.

Eating just one bowl will provide clarity, reasoning and maybe even a little chuckle in an often crass, anger-filled world. If you don't cry by the time you're done, you're just not human.

Of course, the food line is designed with the today's "health-conscious consumer in mind." A full line of soups should be out in early 2013, followed by an expanded line of more than 100 "comfort food products" in a variety of categories.

However, there's implicit contradiction in any food being "health-conscious" and, at the same time, comforting. I've yet to find comfort at the bottom of a bowl of broccoli. Now, a hot apple fritter from Shipley's? I could cry just thinking about it.

That's my heart-warming thought for the day.

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