50 Years of Chilling: Aunt Stelle's Sno Cones in Oak Cliff

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For most of the past 50 years, Aunt Stelle's was open seven days a week. But, the past few years they've cut back. This summer, they're open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Which has been good for Albert and her family. They've been able to discover local summer-time events that she literally never had an opportunity to visit before.

The stand is open every year from the last Saturday in April through Labor Day. Every year she hears rumors from other people that they're closing for good, which gives Albert a good laugh. "Yes, we close every year. But we also open every year."

And about that last day of the season -- after making thousands of sno cones -- how does it feel to shut it down after a season, "We're just thankful we made it through another year," said Albert.

But, the bigger question is, how many snow cones do the owners get to eat in one season? "I don't eat snow cones anymore," Albert said. "But I'll tell you what, my dad worked here until he was 75 years old and he ate at least one snow cone every day he was here."


Albert says they hope to be able to continue to work at the stand for another 10 years. After that, she's not sure what will happen. Since the day they opened in 1962, when JFK was president and Wilt Chamberlain was playing in the NBA, it has been a family run business, aside from neighbor and long-time family friend Mark Harris who often helps with different parts of the business. But, regardless they're staunchly against selling to anyone outside the family.

When Albert retires, Aunt Stelle's most likely will too. Probably the way it should be. It'll be a sad day and many cars will slowly drive by the stand that they grew up with, wondering what happened and, most important, where they're going to get their next snow cone. Unfortunately, there's just not another like it.

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Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones

2002 W. Clarendon Drive, Dallas, TX

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