The Restaurant We All Used To Call Marquee Grill Is Now Village Marquee-Texas Grill & Bar

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The Marquee Grill became the latest Dallas area restaurant to change its name because of pressure from a similarly branded concept in another state. A spokesperson for the restaurant wouldn't discuss pending legal action but did confirm a Marquee Grill restaurant was located in Las Vegas and Kansas City. Dallas' Marquee Grill will now be known as Village Marquee-Texas Grill & Bar and the owners are taking advantage of the the attention they're receiving by announcing a new concept and menu.

The new menu strives to temper the old Marquee Grill's reputation as a special occasion restaurant by offering more casual lunch items. Lamb sliders, chef Tre Wilcox's popular shrimp roll, grilled salmon and a Cobb salad now grace the menu and Jason Kosmas has added a few new cocktails.

Earlier this year, the yet to open Left Bank restaurant changed the name of the concept to Boulevardier after Left Bank Brasserie in California claimed rights to the name. Chosun Korean BBQ changed their name to Koryo Kalbi for the same reason.

Village Marquee-Texas Grill & Bar was the only restaurant to take the issue and use it to market a new direction. Typically, menu adjustments and concept changes are a sign of a restaurant with sales below an owner's expectations. It makes sense that if a concept is working well, an owner will be hesitant to change things. Social 121 hired a new chef and adopted a more casual menu, for instance, because sales were slow.

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Village Marquee - Texas Grill & Bar

33 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX

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Nick R.
Nick R.

It's been corrected Mervis--thanks


If it was Marque Grill (1st sentence) why do you call it Dallas' Marquis Grill later in the paragraph (3rd sentence)? Was it both? If it was really Marque Grill, as I recall, why would a different spelling in another state cause them to change their name?


They need to make some changes to the menu there.  The two times I've eaten there I was totally underwhelmed.  I wasn't planning on giving it a third.

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