Slurpees and Roller Coasters: Six Flags and 7-Eleven Have Conspired for July 11

This Slurpee had one too many. Don't let the same fate befall you, particularly before a roller coaster ride.
Have you had your eye on the Titan at Six Flags for a while, but couldn't stomach the price of admission to the park? Well, we found your opening.

Next Wednesday is July 11, and, as usual, you'll be able to partake in a 7.11 ounce Slurpee "on the house" at 7-Elevens everywhere, while supplies last. But, they've added another promotion this year. And it involves roller coasters. Here goes it directly from the press release because you might not believe me otherwise:

"7-Eleven Slurpee partner, Six Flags, will also join in the fun by offering a special admission price of $7.11 to guests after 7:11 p.m. on 7-Eleven Day when they present a receipt from a 7-Eleven purchase dated 7/11/12."

General admission is normally $59.99. The park is open until 10p.m., so you'll have good two-and-a-half hours to frolic in the park (and potentially puke-up that Slurpee).

Remember, parking is still quite expensive ($17), so car pool or get creative.

Watch this video for additional inspiration (warning: explicit).

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mark zero (Jason)
mark zero (Jason)

How many lines can you get through & rides can you ride in under 3 hours? Especially with all the other people coming at the end of the day?

Chuck G.
Chuck G.

Too expensive, too hot, too crowded. With all the money they make, they could afford to dome and a/c that sauna.

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