Oh, This Is The Best Pizza In A Cone Ever

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Epic Cone Cone 001.jpg
The Epic Cone Mobile
A reader sent me the website last week. There's a new pizza in Dallas and it comes in a cone. An Epic Cone. You can buy one inside Excuses Cafe, which used to be One Bar before a round of special-use permits pushed the owners to reclassify their business as a restaurant. Now the large dance hall is a private events space most days and a Friday night hangout for goths. The place at 3025 Main St. is a lot of things, really, it just depends on when you go. From 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., Monday-Saturday they sell foil-wrapped, cone-shaped pizzas.

The cones are more like a cracker than a pizza crust, crunchy and leavened with baking soda instead of yeast. Each one comes stuffed with toppings you'd typically find on most delivery pizza menus. In fact, I think the best comparison I can come up with to describe the quality of the toppings fillings is Zini's in a cone.

There's even delivery. The Epic Cone scooter (it's got a radio and a cigarette lighter) will drive orders of at least $20 for free within a five mile radius. I can't say people will come from all over to eat this, but I can see hoards of drunks double-fisting these things as they walk home along Main Street, should Epic Cones eventually open up late-night.

Epic Cone Cone 003.jpg
BBQ chicken pizza cone

Epic Cone Cone 006.jpg
One Bar, at 3025 Main Street

Epic Cone Cone 005.jpg

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Epic Cones

3025 Main St., Dallas, TX

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Now any pizzeria can sell pizza cones, just buy the pizza cone dough crust from http://pcifrozenfoods.com with a special small stainless steel pizza cone rack to stand in the pizza oven. These pizza cones are delicious! WOW!

I love pizza cones :)


I love the breakfast cone!! They are awesome.


Thats our lunch hours silly...Most restaurants have lunch hours vs dinner hours, we are just advertising our lunch hours right now, but if we are open we have food :) Now instead of sitting at your computer complaining, why dont you come down and try one?


10AM to 2PM in a location with multiple names and purposes. Better start writing the "Epic Cones shut down" blog post...


Close - it's actually "everything is better on a stick"


Reminds be of "The Jerk" and pizza in a cup  - was a joke then is a joke now

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