Mazel Tov Mondays Are Now A Thing

The Standard Pour
The Standard Pour in Uptown decidedly un-standard. Their menu is full of "cravings:" seemingly haphazardly chosen apps, entrees, sides and desserts with cutesy titles like "conversation starters" and "centers of attention." There are Asian tastes, Mexican tastes, Italian tastes, French tastes and American tastes. It's like the Olympics up in there. But what's really been missing is some Jewish tastes. Well, not for long, people, because starting Monday there will be more than just a couple Jew foods on The Standard Pour's menu. Enter Mazel Tov Mondays; an entire specialty menu of select food and cocktails inspired by that of "The Chosen People."

The backstory, as I understand it, is that the idea of "Mazel Tov Mondays" was tossed out as a bit of a joke at a meeting of the bar's owners and investors, some of whom are of the Jewish persuasion. What started as a joke quickly became a full-blown, day-of-the-week-style culinary exploration. And the purpose? Besides the obvious: making future bubbes all over Uptown quiver with delight at the possibility of meeting the Jewish boy of her dreams over Monday night matzah balls? According to operating partner Brandon Hays, "It's not meant to be a night where only Jewish people eat here. It's meant to be a night where everyone can enjoy a different culture." And nowhere in town has anyone done just that with so much creativity. This is haute Jew food.

Liver-laden goodness
Paté is made from chicken livers braised in milk (which is so not kosher, in case anybody cares), topped with a soy-onion reduction, and served with crostini and orange-cumin marmalade. It's good enough to make you want to dance the hora on the table. Don't. There's more...

A doozie of a sandwich
Nonnie's Doozies are imported all the way from North Dallas (!) and are made by a real, live Jewish mother. You can actually taste the guilt ("You're at a BAR on Monday?! Oy!"), and it tastes damn good.

Goodness gracious great balls of health
A large bowl of Matzah Ball soup features balls that are not too hard, and not too soft. You might consider coming down with a cold on a Monday so you can experience the traditional broth's healing power. Rounding out the Meat Lover's Menu is a monster pastrami sandwich and a loaded kosher hot dog.

Beets + celery bitters = L'chaim!
Since most Jewish holidays encourage drinking and/or drinking heavily, guests on Mazel Tov Mondays will be presented with a bevy of Jewey beers like Coney Island Lager and He'brew Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. But the cocktails are what really shine, inspired by the holiday of Passover. Created as a fancy pants homage to items found on every Seder plate, the four specialty cocktails use ingredients like frothy egg white, applejack, beet juice and celery leaf to create modern spins that would delight the guests of any Passover dinner.

All in all, this is no half-assed attempt or merely a chuckle-inducing alliteration. The food and cocktails served on Mazel Tov Mondays are so good, you might consider converting.

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The Standard Pour

2900 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX

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All holocaust jokes will be deleted upon receipt. Except the funny ones.


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A) I wish I still lived in Dallas so I could go here. Article served it's purpose because i want this.

B) twinwillow - pretty sure foodbitch has extensive Jew recognition - seeing as she is one.

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I can't believe your tasteless, (pun not intended) irreverent, ignorant and useless, "Jew food" article. If this is your way of trying to be clever, God knows, your not! You're pathetic!  

You wouldn't know a real Jew if you were blowing one! 

joe.tone moderator editor

 @Twinwillow Let's chill with the references to our writers blowing people. Thanks.

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