Libertine Bar Hosting 4th Annual Corndog Eating Contest Tomorrow

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How many are you in for?
Tomorrow marks the fourth annual Brass Knuckles Corndog Beatdown at the Libertine Bar. And just like last year, the first-place winner receives a $100 bar tab, second earns a $50 tab and third gets $25 worth of quarters all in reward for consuming an insane amount of fried corn batter and processed meat. I'm thinking third place is the sweet spot because I can't see anyone consuming anything at the Libertine after assaulting their G.I. tract with an army of deep fried corn dogs, and the quarters will be good for the laundry after you puke on your shirt.

As if you needed one, there's an even better reason for entering the contest this year. The Observer's very own Jesse Hughey, who has consistently dominated the competition, will not be gorging this year so you actually have a chance to win. "It's gotten too easy," according to Jesse, who then more seriously told me he's not competing this year because he'd actually like to enjoy his Fourth of July, rather than spend the evening making his own fireworks with half-masticated bits of carnival food.

Registration is still open though, and it's free to enter. If you want in, give owner Simon McDonald a call at 214-824-7900.

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The Libertine Bar

2101 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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