LaGrange Snow Cone Trailer: At 5 o'clock Today it's Go Time!

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A of couple weeks ago we were happy to report that LaGrange's new snow cone trailer is giving out free booze, thanks to a salacious little loophole in Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. Well, today we have even better news: The snow cone trailer is opening at 5 p.m. for a test run.

Then, starting Wednesday they'll be open daily from noon to 9 p.m.

The trailer will be permanently parked in the Dallas West Trailer Park at 400 W. Commerce St. (They're the first tenant). It's located in the front of a residential trailer park and is a short walk east of Chicken Scratch.

Snow cones cost $2 for kids, $3 for a regular, $4 for a jumbo and a signature logo cup is $6, with $3 refills.

There are 34 different flavors from banana to wine cooler. Stephanie Schumacher at LaGrange tells me they make all the simple syrups in-house, but use Hawaiian concentrates for flavor because they taste best and are what people expect when ordering shaved ice.

"The infused syrups are completely from scratch," Schumacher explains. "Those will rotate depending on what's fresh and preservative fee."

This week she encourages the mint lemonade -- homemade infused mint syrup over lemonade snow. She promises it makes a nice mojito with the flavored rums.

There are some fun kid combos like Birthday Cake (cotton candy and wedding cake) and Ninja Turtle (lemon, lime and banana).

Then there are also 15 specialty combos, which cost $1 more. Some of the options include: West Dallas Magic (cotton candy, bubble gum and banana swirl); JR Ewing (green apple layered with sour spritz); Kessler (marbled passion fruit, guava and peach).

Marbled is a fancy way of saying the flavors are layered over each other, rather than in rainbow stripes.

Since a liquor license is so expensive, LaGrange is giving away samples of booze to go with the snow cones (about three-quarters of a shot), just as one would receive at a liquor store. No matter the size of snow cone, the booze, which comes in an array of flavored rums, is the always the same size.

At 5 o'clock today, it's go time.

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The Belmont. Then Chicken Scratch. Now La Grange.  West Dallas just keeps getting cooler and cooler.


@LaFabulosa well the first 2 are good upgrades

Another food truck? Meh

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