If You Embrace Your Issues With Rum, You Should Hang at Sigel's This Wednesday

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Sigel's is hosting a Summer Rum Festival and Tasting this Wednesday, August 1, at their Inwood Road location. There are going to be more than 50 rums to sample with distillery representatives ready to answer all your hard-hitting questions.

If you've spent more time than you'd like to admit in the rum aisle of the local liquor store (staring at all the options, debating whether you should gamble on something new or stick with a standard) then attending this event is a no-brainer. In the long run, or short run if that means this Friday, it'll save you time and money.

Sigel's kindly asks you go online to reserve a spot at the event so they have ample goodies on hand. Once you arrive, you'll receive a rum passport, which will allow you to taste any 12 of the 50 rums.

Jason Kosmas will be there to chat about his new rum Cana Brava; in addition a couple of other Texas-based rums like Pecan Street and Treaty Oak will be there.

A few other rums of note are Ron Zacapa 23 year, Mount Gay XO, Clement Creole Shrubb. Pyrat Cask 1623 retails for about $240 --- it's listed on "Rums available for tasting." I'll be going just to see if one of these bottles is actually opened. If not, I'll start the sit-in.

If the word "rum" piqued your curiosity, but you're a bit shy about the "experts," spend some time with this rum tutorial Esquire created. One day, with lots of practice, I hope I'll be as cool as this. I'm working on my 10,000 Outlier hours... as I type...

The tasting lasts from 6 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, August 1, at 15003 Inwood Road.

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Sigel's Epicurean Market-Deli

15003 Inwood Road, Addison, TX

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I can't see the full list, but if Brugal is there for tasting, DRINK IT.  It's a dry rum that I enjoyed a sh!@load of over the weekend in New Orleans.  It is delicious, and I'm not usually a rum drinker.


Affordable tasty top shelf for mixing: Appleton VX from Jamaica mon! $32 or so for the big party bottle. Try it with tonic and lime for a twist on an old classic.


@laurendrewesdaniels @Whitney.Filloon Try the Zaya 12yr from Guatemala. My favorite.

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