Banchan and Rabits and Chicken Fried Burgers: This Week In Dallas Food News

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If you follow our blog closely, you'll know we're a little more than halfway done our 100 Favorite Dishes List. I'm getting a lot of emails from you guys about where I should head next, and having a lot of fun exploring. This weekend I'm checking out some jerk chicken and a Cuban sandwich that comes with a ringing endorsement. I can't wait to tear into them. But first there's a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Omi Korean Grill and Bar. I think the place is a great spot to dip your toes into Korean cooking, and the shopping plaza that houses the massive restaurant is always fun to explore -- especially after a couple bottles of soju.

Elsewhere on CoA we found a new pizza place that's opening on Fitzhugh, and an energy bar with two beards. We ate some hotter-than-hell Voodoo Sauce, and some rich and creamy burrata with garlic bread, too.

Then our resident Englishman hit up Taste of Dallas and offered some thoughts. If he thinks it's hot now, he should have been here last summer.

Elsewhere in Dallas food news, Leslie Brenner reviewed Al Biernat's and awarded three stars. On the Eats Blog she also noted the bothersome issue of wine served too warm and noted rabbit on Dallas menus is multiplying like ... well, you know.

Over on Side Dish, Nancy continues her campaign to turn hot dogs into the new hamburger, and Carol has some tips for topping your shaved ice.

Robb Walsh takes a look at Dallas' own Tim Byers on Texas Eats, and the Barbecue Snob handed out three four-star reviews in a row. I was excited about the Sons of Herman Hall review for half a second, but quickly realized it's not the one in Deep Ellum. Anyone up for a road trip?

And I hope OhHeyDallas is OK. First she admits burgers are not her thing (the shame) and then she eats what looks like one of everything at Liberty Burger. She's loving their chicken fried burger and their milkshakes, which is weird because the second I typed the word milkshake I was filled with an intense craving and desire to go out and order a milkshake. Maybe I'll order one after I light my mouth ablaze with jerk chicken. Sounds like a decent weekend plan.

See ya next week, Aters.

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