All-Star Ballpark Food From Around the Country

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Searching for photos of amazing ballpark food is like a self-inflicted wound. At the end of it all, I'm overwhelmed with the pain I've caused myself. Thanks to everyone's inclination to take pictures of food they eat, here's an ode to great ballpark food. (With one caveat: no hotdogs. That's a whole other story.)

AT&T Park in San Francisco undisputedly has of some of the best ballpark food out there. The seafood options in the outfield promenade are sultry. The Crazy Crab'z sandwich (photo above) made with thick chunks of dungeness on buttery garlic toast is almost too good to be ballpark food.



Thankfully this kid likes to take pictures of food as he travels to different parks, documenting his experiences on While at Nationals Park in D.C. he took several food shots, including a hot dog covered with mac and cheese and Fritos. But, the New York pastrami sandwich up high down the left field line looks salacious.


The Yankee's brought in famed Lobel's butcher of New York City to carve up sandwiches at Yankee Stadium, like this prime strip steak. It's an easy $15 and 450 calories. Fahgetaboutit.


The Ivar Dog at Safeco Field in Seattle, from the popular seafood restaurant of the same name, is all the talk. But, this little oyster po'boy with a spicy remoulade courtesy of Edgar & Dave of the MLBlogs Networks looks like it has more grit.

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Chris Danger
Chris Danger

..and this begs the question once again, why the hell haven't The Rangers gotten off their asses and started making better ballpark food, large hotdogs aside, what has Nolan Ryan done for the fans in the food department?


Why, why, why, does chopped brisket have to be drowning in sauce?  That is such an ender.    

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