SNACK Gears Up For A Late Night Taco Battle

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An upcoming installment of the Box illuminated the first change at SNACK, the new small-plate restaurant from the folks behind Nosh Euro Bistro. Nick Rallo and Alice Laussade spotted a late-night taco menu scrawled on a chalkboard and asked about the offering.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings the kitchen will turn into a full on taqueria, offering up to five different taco varieties for two bucks a clip. I called over and asked what they were wrapping in tortillas and was told the taco menu will change from day to day, but will feature items like braised beef short ribs with pineapple habanero salsa and cilantro, and tempura Alaskan halibut with orange and serrano peppers.

The fancy tacos instantly reminded me of another high-end taco offering, just down Henderson Avenue. Velvet Taco has garnered top-dollar for inventive tacos featuring hamburger patties, Indian paneer cheese, smoky chicken and more. Those tacos range from $3.25 to $7.50 according the menu posted on their website and are packed to the hilt with high-quality ingredients.

Snack may also have an answer to Velvet Taco's elotes-style rotisserie corn. Nick said the chef called it elotes fundidos.

Let the taco wars begin.

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Snack Global Kitchen & Bar - CLOSED

2323 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

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...we need more tacos in dallas, just like we need another hail storm. 

I like Tacos!
I like Tacos!

Had the taco really bad.  Go to Tacos y Mas right down the street.


I love an original taco, I will definitely have to try this place, and if it's half as good as Gloria's brisket tacos then I will be back for more!!!

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