Driftwood, People 2012 And A Gorgeous Bowl Of Soup: This Week In Dallas Food Blogging

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Any time a big holiday falls in the middle of the week, the question on everyone's mind is which weekend to celebrate on. Obviously the answer is both, so half of Dallas should be out on their lawns with canned beers, Popsicles and sparklers in just a few moments. If it gets too hot your you you can always play our bitch about the heat drinking game. Don't start too soon, though. We've got a week to wrap up before you start playing with fire.

This week I reviewed Driftwood, which I found troubling across many dishes. While the ingredients are fresh and of high quality and flavors were bold and interesting across the board, many plates never came together for me. Comparing Driftwood's Octopus plate to Oak's for instance shows that Oak Cliff's newest seafood restaurant is leaving a little on the table.

Our People 2012 issue is on stands all over Dallas right now. Be sure to check out the three food personalities we featured on City of Ate, and also grab a print copy for yourself to page through at home.

Also the chef at The Grape Brian Luscher stepped in to deliver the next round of Alice Laussade's The Box. Cody Sharp, hit another one out of the park. I don't think the box has won yet.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Driftwood as well and awarded four stars, while also noting she's awarded twice as many four star reviews this year, compared to last. Brenner also calls for the update of the menu at the French Room. Things may seem old there, but they're not this old.

Over on Side Dish Nancy Nichols gives Amici in Carrollton a quick look. The restaurant dealt with a fire in March 2011, but is back now with a fancier dining room and a full bar. And Carol is still rocking out the 'burbs with this slice of key lime pie.

Entree Dallas takes a look at the Pepper Bomb at Goodfriend. It's a spicy burger good enough for our 100 favorite dishes that seems to be gaining popularity.

And Joylicious is back (finally) with this photo essay and recipe for tomato gazpacho that looks good enough to cool off these hot summer days. It doesn't hurt that her pictures are as good as ever.

That's all for this week. Be sure to tune in next week for more Fourth of July shenanigans, a closer look at Dalat on Fitzhugh Avenue and more.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Dear Nick Rallo,     Are we having a 4th of July photo round up, ala memorial Day?  I'm ready to kick some butt! Been working on a great dish that incorporates pork butt (see that-POW bitches!), with the subtle flavors of summer.....AND, a nice fish dish that utilizes the "fruits" of the season.  LET"S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps-My wife doesn't know, but I built a big ass campfire ring (circa 1880 Texas) around the back of the side yard. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. ps-Need a nice place to go expose the kids to all manner of rocketry/fire/mayhem; take em out Lucas road, to Branch, TX (6 miles from Plano).  Go to the fireworks place on the right (I don't remember the name), and you can blow them off out back-"I love dis amedica!".   The place on the left/just over the bridge (with the inflatable dinosaur) is more concerned with keeping cool. I sat there for 20 minutes waiting, and when someone came out, i just waived them off, got in the Honda, and cruised across the road.  If you ever get the chance, check out the community of Branch, directly behind the fireworks stand........it is AMAZING!..........we found a guy with his house number spray painted above the doorway-no window, and bullet holes in the roof. You gotta LOVE RURAL Texas.  But the greatest thing I've ever seen in Branch Texas, is a BBQ smoker made out of a washing machine.........STAY HARD BRANCH TEXAS!  Stay so freakin', unbelievably hard. 

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