Denny's New "50 State Challenge"

To highlight regional specialties on its new Tour of America menu, Denny's has launched a new "50 State Challenge." The purpose of the challenge, which is managed through a Smartphone app, is to have customers check-in at Denny's locations around the country while on their summer vacations. In return, customers will receive digital badges and awards. The prizes get bigger and better with each restaurant visit (don't they though).

But, the ultimate goal of the new challenge is to be the first customer to check-in at a Denny's in all 50 states. The winner gets free Grand Slams for life.

(No amount of begging convinced my editor that this was a worthwhile expense trip.)

It doesn't even stop there. Denny's has really thrown down the gauntlet by launching the app for only one year. That means the winner would have to dine at a Denny's about once a week, each time in a different state for one year. Although with a bit of strategy, you could knock out several states at a time.

For any of you who think this is an impossible feat, or if you think that even if you had the means and time to travel to all 50 states in one year, eating a Denny's wouldn't be on your to-do list, well, you're pansies. However, you can team up with two other people for the challenge. But, then the three of you would only get free Grand Slams for a year. Really, is that even worth it? Why settle for free Grand Slams for a year, when with just twice the effort you could be set up for life?

The "Tour of America" menu is available only for a limited time and starts at $5.99. I guess we're represented with the new Southern Slam, which includes two eggs, two strips of bacon or two sausage links, an open-faced biscuit smothered in sausage gravy and a side of grits.

Do it. Eat that 50 times. In one year. In all 50 states. Go now and report back immediately. God, I hope Morgan Spulock is reading this.

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Would read again.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Hunt Bros are the Bizzomb sir; I tried them on my last trip to Arklahoma.  And cheap!  And them Allsups "pipe cleaners" are the best.  And if you go in season, you can pick up a x-mas tree for 20 bucks!

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I was so inspired, I jumped off roof with an American flag cape on.  Let's see you beat that Iran! "GREATEST TASTING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" ps-Sounds like it was written by someone fresh off the boat.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Who eats at Denny's?  In a world full of Allsups and Hunt Brother s Pizza, I need to stop at said locale for a digital badge? What's next, the world tour of Burger Kings?

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