This Memorial Day, Grill Up Some Cupcakes

Categories: Chewing the Fat

Hot Dog Cupcakes.jpg
Looking for something different to grill over the upcoming America-grill-fest weekend? Hufpo found these Cupcakewurst, which would surely be a show stopper.

Made with the same casing used to pack real animal sausage, chocolate batter is piped in, sort of the same way one would fill a water balloon, tied off and baked in an oven.

The kids who came up with this concoction even used a long john doughnut as the bun and topped it off with a zig zag of raspberry sauce, which just ruins it right there. I'd definitely use a strawberry puree or glaze.

The chef here cooked the cupcakewurst ahead of time, then "because I couldn't leave well enough alone," warmed them up on the grill at the party.

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