The City of Ate Interview: Grape Sous Chef Danyele McPherson on Life as Luscher's No. 2

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So, does Chef Luscher yell at you a lot?
No. He's not a yeller. If he's a little off or something he's probably just playing Rush really loud.

Oh bummer. I'd rather have someone yell at me. Do you like Rush?
No, I feel like I used to like Rush, but after working here and hearing them all the time, I'm totally not into Rush anymore.

That could be a form of torture.
You know what's funny a friend told me they were at some random concert the other day, completely Rush unrelated, and the crowd just started chanting "Rush sucks! Rush sucks!" Other people joined in and the whole crowd was chanting "Rush sucks!"

Did you tell Brian about this?
Ummm, I don't think so.

As a sous chef, I'm sure you want to get rid of him one day so you can be the big chef. Any plans to run him outta town?
Well, it's always a challenge to figure out when you're ready for the next step. As it is now, I always have someone to go to. Like if I have a dream about some food and I want to figure out how to make it, I can talk to him because I know he's probably made something like it before - I can ask him what his approach would be. It's nice to have that guidance and scary to think about not having it.

When did you start culinary school?
2008 or 9.

That's a pretty fast ascension. What do you think helps a cook move up the ladder that quickly?
I went from being an intern to a sous chef in a year and a half. My advice is to be that person that they can always rely on. You're never sick or hung over - that's just something you have to work out yourself. If you're too sick to come in, come in anyway...

And puke on the potatoes?
Maybe not on the potatoes. There are just no sick days in a restaurant. You still have to make an effort. People will notice that.

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Cassandra Sneed
Cassandra Sneed

Very proud of your success and excited for your future! Way to go Dan!


I was in the cubicle next to Danyele. Always knew she was destined to be a rock star! So proud of you Danny K!!


Danyele is the BOMB!!!!!!


woohoo! danyele is greatness! always comes out and surprises us when we're at the grape. 

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