Study: Dallas Diners Eat Out More Than Any Other City. Like, A Lot More.

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Patrick Michels
Speaking of Dallas being unfit to walk from here-to-there without grasping a building ...

According to a study on Bundle, which attempted to break down the stats on dining out in American cities, Dallasites are eating out more often than any major city. Yes, even New York City. Hard to imag --[finishes Chicken Crisper at Chili's]

The interesting bites from Bundle:

-Dallas residents spend 12% more than average at restaurants.

-If you add dining out results and paying more results, Dallas diners spend 91% more than the average household.

-Plano, Fort Worth and Austin top the list.

Wow, right? So, how'd Bundle figure it? According to their piece:

Aggregated credit card transactions -- to find households with at least five restaurant tabs in the past three years. Then we ranked cities based on the average amount spent per month in restaurants, excluding fast food eateries and bars, and indexed the cities to the U.S. average.

Innnterreeesting. There's even a infographic, which shows the startlingly high probability that we'll ditch the quinoa on the stovetop for In-N-Out in a damn hurry. Anyway, see you at Smoke later right? Or Bolsa? Or Chesterfield? Or Lee Harvey's?

Hi-Res right here

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I would love to see this study correlated with family statistics.  I'm betting that there is a relationship between income and both parents working (or single parent) and how much a person/family eats out.

I'm also curious if "take out" is included in this statistic.


We waddle from resturant to resturant......There are such awonderful variety of eateries in the area, no wonder we are "hefty".....Complimentery valet parking of course is the icing on the cake....Bon appetit!


So, if you go to eat out in Addison and get there by car while on your secret tryst with you partner in adultery, you made the lists.


Sooo.... if you wanna open a restaurant, don't do it in the Bronx. 

Eric Laudermilk
Eric Laudermilk

DFW leads the nation in merchant services... CCs are more widely accepted here than anywhere else in the country... That's why this # is skewed.  

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