Rock and Roll Tacos Takes Over the Kitchen at Deep Ellum's LaGrange

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Rock And Roll Tacos
The mobile food eatery Rock and Roll Tacos is taking over the kitchen at LaGrange in Deep Ellum in an effort to help both businesses spread taco love. The partnership solves a couple issues: For one, LaGrange is primarily a swanky lounge offering up local music and good drinks.

"To be honest, the kitchen was the biggest expense we had and the least area of expertise," said Stephanie Schumacher with LaGrange.

The partnership with the taco truck was just the fix they needed.

"It couldn't be more perfect and the chemistry is insane," Schumacher said. "We are all a team of go-getters and so I can see this really surpassing the hopes we had for LaGrange."

Couple that with the fact that Rock and Roll Tacos had some major space issues. James Quiñonez, owner of Rock and Roll Tacos, explained that operating a food truck can be a huge nightmare in terms of space needed for storing food, often resorting to a take-over of the home refrigerator and a bit of domestic tension.

The extra space at LaGrange will, first and foremost, solve a marital dispute at the Quiñonez house and also allow a little elbowroom for taco rolling. Plus, it takes a little pressure off the Schumachers.

Rock and Roll Tacos will still keep the food-truck glory alive -- this new kitchen space will assist in that effort.

They recently announced the new kitchen will open on May 31, but be sure to check their Facebook page for updates.

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La Grange - CLOSED

2704 Elm St., Dallas, TX

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hmmm, i must've missed Chef Chris and his amazing creations b/c everything I've ever had there was flat-out average at best. Really disappointing. But here's to making some improvements.

Justin Julian
Justin Julian

Missing a big point in this story: What happened to Chef Chris and his amazing creations?  Is he moving to a different joint?  I haven't tried Rock And Roll Tacos, but Chris' stuff was the stuff of dreams, despite La Grange's complete inability to promote it.

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