Cock & Bull's Reuben, One of the Best in Dallas, is Back from the Dead

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I couldn't sit on it anymore. Way back in January someone slipped me the news that one of Dallas' greatest Reubens was gone. The Cock & Bull's Reuben was legendary. I called Asher Stevens, the chef responsible for the sandwich, to find out the deal.

Stevens: My vendor stopped supplying it. It hasn't been on the menu for eight months.

Critic: Will you be bringing the Reuben back?

Stevens: Only if I can find the same product.

Me: Fuck Kobe dude, why do you care?

Stevens: Fat content... It's juicy.

Me: Oh.

Uncomfortable pause

Me: Well what's gonna replace it?

Stevens: Complete new menu, man.

Me: Well that's cool, can I get a copy?

But the menu never came. Months later the place was still working the transition and the "Reuben Melt" called from the plastic-protected menu like a picture of a lost loved one -- haunting my memories and hindering my grieving process. I was preparing to do a goofy obit for therapeutic purposes, and give up on the sandwich entirely, but I decided to call one last time.

I'm glad I did; the Reuben is back.

"I'm doing business with Broadleaf Kobe Farm," Stevens said when I asked him where he's getting the new corned beef. The chef gets the briskets in raw, lets them soak in a brine for a few hours and then carefully simmers the meat for three hours before chilling and slicing it. Gruyere cheese and kraut finish off the sandwich that I haven't tried yet, but soon will. (I'm seriously thinking about shuffling my evening dinner plans.)

Stevens said he'd send me a pdf of the menu soon. If it comes I'll give you an update.

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There. Is. No. Kobe. Beef. In. The. States. Period. End. Of. Report.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

that sh+t looks disgusting!  You "coulda" hacked the head off a moose, and had better presentation


I like the C&B;  just wish they would make the interior alittle more cheery;  it seems dark and dank (and not in a good way).  


Seriously....this guy lost any credibility as soon as that word was uttered.


Its bar food!  Really, really good bar food, but presentation is not the top priority.  (See poster above about it being real, real dark in there.)

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

A wise, saged old black fella once told me "people eat wit day eyes"......I will never forget that, because it always rings true.  Stay hard JB, my brotha from another motha-stay hard. Heaven needs chefs also. 

ps-Gone are the days when JB would make me hold hands with him, and we would sway back in forth with a couple of folks in tow, as he sang "come gather round, the table of the lord, come see the wonder he has made".  Amazing!  The guy was like 6 foot three and weighed like 250-and he used to be a ball bustin' sergeant in the army.  And there we are holding hands, as he sings spirituals.........ahhh, the good old days. 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

it doesn't look that bad.....I just needed to throw something in this blog about bloodying a moose; if I don't stay on topic, them a Mr. JT Tone gets very upset with me.  I can see it now:

From The Desk of Mr. JT Tone,    Scott, don't piss Kergo off, I don't want my blog to be littered with diatribes about murdered moose(esesssss), Walmart cripples and Oklahoma fatties. 

The Editor in Chief

ps-Last thing we need is 1,000 angry mini Kerg's; it once took that midget Richie Whitt about 6 months to get rid of them all.  The whole place had to be shaken down with exterminators, regulators, inspectors and government agents.  We actually had to fire said midget........poor guy, he was getting his balls blasted relentlessly by those seedy, devilish and black minded "Sporto's". 

Also, if he shows up in the office, call DPD.......and if Fooddick appears, shut down the whole website-and erase the internet.

Other possible Kerg's infected characters that could kill the whole internet:

-the aforementioned fake Kerg's, and everything under that umbrella (tiny kerg's, beehive kerg's, fly wing Kerg's, etc.)-Coulton the MMA Doucher-fake scott (real scott, wig flying scott, the office loves me scott, etc)-Mary the Crazy Cat Lady-Rob M's boring basketball man-dr. g (fake dr. g)-A Mr. RW Whitt

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