Ode to Taste of the NFL (with Photos)

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photo by foodbitch
The scene at Taste of the NFL
While she didn't get the chance to lick any football players at last night's Taste of the NFL at the new Omni Hotel, foodbitch was pleasantly surprised by all the energy inside. And that energy inspired her to get poetic.

Because what's Monday without whimsy? Here we go.

Ode to Taste of the NFL
A poem by foodbitch

Taste of the NFL was like SPORTS! on a plate.
A lot went down at the "Ultimate Cowboys Tailgate."

The big Dallas Omni is our little Vegas strip,
And last night it was full up of philanthropists and shit.

A silent auction table helped the rich folks spend their loot.
Emerald City played the hits, plus an open bar to boot.

photos by foodbitch
A sweet Louis V. / Emerald City

Started with guisado from chef Kent Rathbun.
Saw some bleach blondes who spent too long in the sun.
Image (4).jpg
photos by foodbitch
Guisado Tacos by Rathbun, Short Rib Grilled Cheese by Shields

Crispy grilled cheeses with short ribs up in here!
Dipped 'em in jus made of Shiner Bock beer.

Ribs, bellies, more ribs and porchetta, oh my.
Sports and pork go together like 'supa' and 'fly.'

photos by foodbitch
Derry's Jambalaya, Dodds' Porchetta, Beach's Pork Belly Taco, McCallister's Ribs

Big shrimps and little shrimps all on a plate.
Jambalaya, Achiote, barbecue, and wait--

photo by foodbitch
BBQ shrimp from Del Frisco's executive chef David Holben

It was time for dessert, of which there was a ton.
Tarts, lil' Whisky Cakes and fondue for everyone!
photos by foodbitch
Weber's Pies, Williams' Tarts, Nemec's Truffles, Lengnick's Cake

Celebrities a plenty, and not without paparazzo,
Even Pinkberry was there -- the ideal intermezzo.

There were Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, pom poms a shakin',
And fast-talking auctioneers who be money makin'.

The hungry folks in town have all these guests to thank,
because proceeds benefitted the North Texas Food Bank.

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Omni Dallas Hotel

555 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX

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This is pretty weak. The bitch has jumped the shark. #notfunny

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