Mother's Day in Dallas: A Survival Guide

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Don't let this be you on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day is only behind Valentine's Day in terms of craziest days to eat out. Choosing almost any other day of the year would probably provide a better experience, but mom gets what mom wants on this day.

I prompted Chris Jeffers, co-owner of Smoke, one of the best brunch spots in the city, on some insight into why Mother's Day is so crazy for restaurants:

"The stuff people say to get a table quicker is crazy. We don't do reservations and it drives people nuts. Everyone wants to make their mommy happy, myself included. After the years I put her through, she deserves one day a year. Sundays are already a beat down though. People have to go back to work on Monday, kids school routine starts back up, church stuff and some people are nursing a hangover. Now throw a mom in the mix. That's a lot of moving parts."

So, to keep all those moving parts flowing smoothly, following is a guide to help you sort through the riff-raff and give mom a day she deserves, all on a scale ranging from mild thoughtfulness to bold ill repute. Pick your spot.

• If you want to do a fancy-schmancy brunch or dinner on Sunday, the odds for a great meal and experience are better at small, chef-driven restaurants, which will maintain the same quality as any other day of the year. Think along the lines of The Grape, Campo, Cedar Social, Meddlesome Moth, Smoke, Victor Tango's, Oak.

• Central Market is hosting the Passport to France event. Take a stroll through the crowded aisles and pick up the makings for a fine French meal. Or make light of the fact that this is probably as close as mom will ever get to her dream vacation to The City of Lights. Luckily she has a good sense of humor after raising you.

• It was always a special treat when mom took you out for ice cream, right? By the same token, every mom will love Twisted Root's adult milk shakes. They'll work up just about any boozy concoction you can come up with. This might not be officially stated anywhere on their menu, but they have'em and I promise they're worth every dime.

• Celebrating on Saturday instead of Sunday gives mom a full day to recover before Monday hits. Moms love foresight. The Texas Food Truck Fest is this Saturday with over 30 food trucks from around the state. There will be live music and even though it costs five dollars to get in, hanging in a mall parking lot is totally worth it. Some of the best times with mom were in malls, right? Right....

• There's also the North Texas Beer Festival this Saturday from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Irving Convention Center. Tickets for designated drivers (mom) are only $20. Tell her you'll split it with her.

• Did mom miss the boat on good home cooking? Was that boat nothing but a lonely liner barely visible on the horizon, while you were adrift in a sea of cereal and Ramen noodles? Send a message by taking her to Mecca, where they run a daily clinic on how mom is suppose to cook. They're taking reservations for Sunday.

• One damn good bet is to peruse this here Ultimate Guide to Eating Like a Cheap Bastard. Show mom she raised this bastard right. And if you're in a hurry on Sunday (or hungover), Big Mama's Chicken and Waffles drive thru is a solid option.

• And last but not least, Hooters is giving away ten free wings to moms all day Sunday. As a bonus, they're boneless wings. It's more cultured that way.

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Whitney Filloon
Whitney Filloon

Mother's Day 2009 was the single worst day I ever had working in a kitchen.  Squeezing 250 covers into 2 hours when we normally only did that at dinner over the span of 4 hours...  Oh yeah, fucking awesome.  Luckily my mother is sane and has no desire to go out for brunch. I'm taking her to dinner on Monday instead.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

We went out to eat the Mothers Day meal last night (Grimaldi's-expensive for what it is?), and it was busy......I couldn't imagine the asswhipping of actually going on Sunday-dumb.  Besides, I will be hiking in Arklahoma on Sunday, giving my wife a well deserved break. And the Mothers Day gift was purchased well in advance; I love watching people scurry around Walmart on Sunday buying crappy second rate chocolates, and tattered flowers. 

On that Passport to France thing; do they make note that the French are the defeated people?  Jes' askin'? 

ps-10 things I associate with Walmart:

10) The brown white guy that works in the gun department9) The greater lady with pussy eye gauze8) The fat lady that wears a ripped Looney Tunes tshirt, and has 8 kids7) People fighting over discounted canned beans6) People who are too lazy to put the shopping cart in the corral5) Door dents from people who don't care if a door smashes into someone else's quarterpanel4) Complete cashier indifference3) The one guys that talks with everyone, even when it's clear you are in  a hurry.2) "this won't scan, can you go get another one"1) "It's gonna be about 35 minutes on that propane, the person with the key is on break"


Welcome back, Kergs! You truly are one super observant shopper. In case you find yourself in a downright quagmire, I suggest keeping a spare pair of blinders in the glove box just in case you are forced to go into a Walmart. 


And that's why I avoid Walmart unless I'm truly desperate. Amazing the typical clientele that Walmart has cultivated. And I use the term "clientele" loosely. The People of Walmart website pretty much says it all. I like to save money as much as the next person but not enough to deal with Walmart nuttiness.

Well done!

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Great to be back!  I avoid the Mart if I can.  But sometimes a descent into hell puts a mans life into perspective.  

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