Monica's Aca y Alla No Longer Has Monica, but the Deep Ellum Fave Presses On

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monicas-aca-y-alla- lasagna.jpg
Don't worry Aters, the lasagna is safe for now.
I was in a car on my way to Austin, tweeting about kolaches and blissfully ignoring my work email, when the DMN story on Monica's Aca y Alla popped up on my phone. I promised myself I wouldn't work while I was gone, but couldn't resist the temptation to at least skim the piece.

Long story short: Monica Greene is ditching the Deep Ellum restaurant that made her popular to open a new spot in Oak Lawn, dangerously close to the Observer. Monica's new restaurant, Monica's Nueva Cocina, will move into the old Sushi Axiom space on Cedar Springs Avenue, which shuttered in April.

On Sunday, unable to let go of my vacation, I stopped into Monica's old spot on Commerce Avenue, to have a couple of margaritas, a couple of Bohemia beers and a shot of Patrón. I spoke with Jose Sanchez, one of the managers who has bought into the Monica's space and hopes to keep business steady in Monica's wake.

The new restaurant will go by Maracas Mexican Restaurant, and Sanchez hopes a very brief closure will help his team spruce up the place. They're looking at brightening up the interior paint, installing some new art and possibly opening up a wall to expose a patio space large enough for 60 people on the side of the building.

Sanchez claims the menu will stay exactly the same. Monica Green is leaving her old kitchen staff intact and employing Hector Hernandez to run the show in Oak Lawn, so for now it looks like those boozy 'ritas, bloody marys and enchilada lasagnas that have kept Deep Ellum happy for 20 years are safe.

Meanwhile, everyone in Oak Lawn will soon have a Monica's closer to home.

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Maracas Mexican Restaurant

2914 Main St., Dallas, TX

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Well, it's on Main Street, but who's counting... I hope she resurrects some of the dishes at Cuidad. 

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Why were the comments wiped out?  This pic is inspiring to me, and led me down the path of creating a real lasagna this weekend (and maybe chicken lasagna with white wine sauce, chili lasagna with chipotle sauce, traditional,etc.).  I like the way the picture conveys a sense of warmness, and is portrayed as a traditional meal, instead of typical lasagnas, that are both dry and boxy looking.  

Joe Tone
Joe Tone

Comments on this story were wiped out? I had to republish it this morning because It had the wrong date on it and was going to live at the top of the blog forever. That may have done it. Sorry.

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