Last Night: The Dallas Observer's Iron Fork at the Fashion Industry Gallery

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Jay Barker
Scott Romano (left) took home the giant skillet.
Last night brought the Observer's annual celebration of station-to-station face-stuffing, a tasting event and cooking competition that packed downtown's sleek Fashion Industry Gallery and packed on a few pounds as well.

The highlight of the night, not counting the three Tiff's Treats I stuffed in my pocket on the way out, was the cook-off, which pitted Whiskey Cake's TJ Lengnick against veteran chef Scott Romano. Romano took home the prize, as you can see above; find out how, and see more, in Jay Barker's slideshow.

Our own Cheap Bastard, Alice Laussade, judged the event and will be along shortly with her take on the proceedings.

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Fashion Industry Gallery

1807 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX

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Titus Groan
Titus Groan

Not trolling, swear, but why is the Iron Fork award a skillet?


This was a great evening! Can't wait to go next year. There were a lot of people but lines were moving regularly. Hallways were a little cramped though and a large trash can in each room would probably help but overall the food, drink, entertainment, and everything was great! Definitely have some new restaurants to try!


I made it home with some cake balls. Had a good time, it wasn't overly crowded (had thinned considerably by the time the competition started), and the food was fab!

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