Kinky Friedman on Man In Black Tequila and Winning the Battle Even If You Lose the War

Something just tells me he knows how to party.
Earlier this week Kinky Friedman was in town at Sigel's promoting his new Man in Black line of tequila. Jasper Russo (with Sigel's) sent me the picture above, and I sent him back a few questions for Kinky, since they were so chummy and all. Seven people and two days later, between flights and working on a book with Willie, he actually answered all my questions:

How does Kinky like to drink Man in Black Tequila?
I actually sip it straight up, but recommend the cowboy method whereby you take a shot, snort the salt and squeeze the lime in your eye! Really? NFL (no fucking lime or salt is needed).

If MiB Tequila were affiliated with a political party, which would it be?
It would be the party of the people, the underdogs, the rebels, mavericks scoundrels and just damn interesting people rich or poor. The imperfect and unpatrons of the world.

Switching that previous question around, which political party needs more tequila?
All of them need copious amounts of tequila ... copious, so they can cope with us!

What are your Memorial Day plans?
I will be performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival on May 25th and hosting a Man In Black Tequila meet-greet-eat-and-drink after. Then, the next day I will be signing bottles, posters and anything but bad legislation at the Spec's store in Kerrville, Texas.

What's unique about the MiB Tequila?
It is the best damn tequila I have ever tasted. Try it! In reality there are almost 300 tequilas available for Texans to buy today. Most are bad, many are good and a few are really good, but I like mine the best.

What's more fun -- campaigning or promoting tequila?
It is almost the same thing. We are not of one of the major liquor companies just as we were not of one of the major parties. And, just like politics, the power is centralized with the money -- just follow the money trail and you will see why brands are top sellers in their categories.

Brands, like politicians, are groomed and molded to appeal to the masses. You throw enough money at it and any Mexican mouthwash can be number one. The media plays a major role in duping of the public because they get paid to do it. As in politics people lie, steal, cheat, bribe and sometimes you are successful in chipping just a piece of the wall and carving a niche for yourself that is real in spite of all that. Just like politics, but people respond to what is real and sincere and sometimes you succeed in spite of it. Promoting tequila is more fun, because you can still win battles even if you lose the war. 

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