Chef Tim Love Has Some Really Expensive Kitchen Tools to Sell You

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Tim Love, you cheeky monkey: Costco wasn't enough was it? After announcing a line or sauces and rubs to be featured at the discount store, and endorsing Hellmann's mayonnaise in a mock culinary competition, the Fort Worth chef known for his burger shack, Woodshed and the more polished Lonesome Dove, has announced a deal with Sur La Table.

A short article in the New York Times calls the tools both hefty and brawny and describes high-quality stainless steel finishes, walnut handles and edges beveled to a knife-sharp edge so you can make a test cut for doneness. (But don't do that. That's what thermometers and gut instincts are for.)

There's more than grilling tools, too. There's Chef Tim Love serving bowls, Chef Tim Love platters, Chef Tim Love steak knives, Chef Tim Love aprons, Chef Tim Love beverage tubs, Chef Tim Love kitchen towels, Chef Tim Love cutting surfaces, Chef Tim Love wooden trays, Chef Tim Love candle holders and four different types of Chef Tim Love barbecue rubs.

Celebrity chef endorsements have been used to sell everything from frying pans to stoneware to counter top grills that suck, and they obviously work. I'm wondering how a local celebrity affects consumer decisions. How many of you guys are running out to spend $44.95 on a Chef Tim Love beveled turner?

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Yeah, not so much. I can put my restaurant-grade stainless tongs in the dishwasher without fearing for the finish of the walnut handles...

Those knife-edge tools might be handy in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Just sayin'.

wes cox
wes cox

A test cut?!  The humanity...

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

I'm not buying that there burger flipper, I seem to get 3 sets of bbq-ing gear a year..but like him or not, Tim hustles his arse off.  The much better half and I finally popped in on the Woodshed last Friday and were not unpleased.  We shared the sausage of the day (ELK! suck it PETA) and some pork tacos..also had the bread and drippings (YUM, rendered animal) appetizer..and a couple of out for around 30 bucks.  Don't know how the place will do when it's 400 degrees outside, but on a 85 degree day it was a really cool joint.

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