Tx. Food Truck Fest Brings Some of Austin's Best, Plus Sushi and Molecular Gastronomy

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Yume Burger Poku.jpg
Yume Burger / JaneKoPhotography
The Po-ku Burger. Yeah, that's pork belly on top.
Last week Scott reported on a pretty massive-sounding food truck festival coming to the Valley View Mall parking lot May 11 and 12. It sounded suspect, frankly. But after some investigation of the lineup, I can safely say: This one's worth the trip.

A few of Austin's finest are making the trek up here for the event, including Yume Burger (Japanese-inspired burgers and hot dogs), the Belgian Waffle Company, and Chi-Lantro BBQ (Korean-Mexican fusion a la Ssahm).

All the main Dallas players will be in attendance, too -- see here for a full list -- plus the new Crazy Fish sushi truck.

The event will also see the debut of Fort Worth's newest mobile hungerbuster, The Fat Truck. A play on the name of famed English chef Heston Blumenthal's restaurant The Fat Duck, a renowned outpost of molecular gastronomy, the truck will indeed offer some menu items (sorbet, chocolate ravioli) whipped up with the assistance of liquid nitrogen and an immersion circulator, amongst other mad scientist gear.

They'll also offer more typical truck fare like tacos, banh mi, and steamed buns stuffed with carnitas, pork belly or short ribs.

Waffles, sushi, pork belly buns and access to real bathrooms via the mall?

I'm so there.

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Bill Chance
Bill Chance

Went out Friday night and Saturday. The Saturday lines were crazy, but I was lucky and was able to try a lot of trucks. My favorites were the Colombian Food (the chicken and rice was surprisingly tasty) and the Sushi (looking forward to having the Crazy Fish truck around the Metroplex). Looking at the crowd, especially when you consider that everyone paid five bucks just to get the opportunity to wait in line, makes me think that Dallas has a great potential for future gourmet food trucks.


There needs to a Dallas food truck fb page so we can know where n when to go places since we fb every day.

Lone Mountain Truck Leasing
Lone Mountain Truck Leasing

I really like the variety of different types of salsas.  You could also buy wines of various salsas to go. I just love to order my salsas here. Superb truck food, I am loving it.


Sounds like the food trucks will outnumber businesses in the actual mall by a wide margin.

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