Cinco De Countdown: This Week In Dallas Food News

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It's about that time!
Cinco de headache is close. You've got one more evening till you can spend the entirety of Saturday pummeling your liver with bad margaritas and shotgunned Miller Lites while eating your own weight in tortilla chips. Happy hour's calling, but first we've got a week to wrap up. (And make sure you enter our Iron Fork VIP ticket contest before you duck out of the office.)

This week I reviewed Hattie's, which impressed me with its near decade of comforting southern cooking across the Trinity River. I also kicked off 100 Favorite dishes with No. 100 and No.99..

Elsewhere on City of Ate, we were really not healthy. Ice cream sandwiches, and chicken fried bacon, and deep fried brisket pie point to a blog that's collectively due for a foodie cleanse.

Elsewhere in the Dallas food scene Leslie Brenner examined Bolsa, awarding he second four-star review in two weeks. The Eats Blog also has a quick roundup on where to get your strawberry fix if you're into that sort of thing.

On Side Dish Carol Shih has a number on a bowl of rice porridge that looks ridiculous, and a list of Cinco de Mayo events a mile long.


And finally, if you need a little more Margarita inspiration, Entree Dallas has been cornering some top-notch chefs and feeding them booze. Check out their interview with Dean Fearing.

Be safe this weekend, and make sure you check in Monday. We'll announce our Iron Fork Winners, drink some beer from Rahr, and hopefully find some great soft shells to indulge before the season is over.

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Kergo explodes! You must feel better.

Your Market Street experience reminds me of a tale my 72 year old neighbor, who was raised in the depression in Maine, once told.

He went into to Braums to get a pint of butter pecan. The young woman clerk responded: Sir, we don't have quarts, just pints and half gallons. He wryly replied: So, you can't sell me a quart? She said no so he walked out. Ah, the American education system.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Watch out Market Street in Allen/Plano.  I love this place; great place......but the guy behind the counter couldn't understand that I need 7 pounds of lobster tails.  He just couldn't get it!  So, I called the Plano store, and the lady yelled at me. Watch out, or ya'll are on the list with:

Taco Bueno (on Spring Creek and Alma)Albertson'sBennigan'sDickey's

Watch out.

ps-Deep fried brisket pie sounds disturbing on so many levels......methinks the average folk that eats this:

-wears overalls-ENJOYS going to Walmart-vacations at Turner Falls-smokes underneath the Falls-weighs in excess of 440+-has pock marked backne-has swollen, purple ankles-breathes like a semi-enjoys Pancho's-has an tan and green oil stained, and deep ravined Lazy Boy-was the person that knocked me over last week, when a rampage ensued because The Mart was deeply discounting candy

BTW, the guy in front of me at said Mart melee bought 121 cans of unsalted red pinto beans.  Yum?  It's awesome when they wheel that discount cart down the main isle, and every indigent within 50 miles is following it like a zombie.  People with puss stained gauze, people in walkers, folks with ripped Looney Tunes tshirts; and my favorite-the guy that couldn't walk, but had crutches, and was dragging his feet behind the value cart. 

kergo 1 spaceship
kergo 1 spaceship

Mervie!     I feel great......just working my tail off (no complaints!). 

And boy howdy, that tale you tell is VERY similar to mine.  The dude just couldn't wrap his head around 7 lbs of steamed "lobsta" tail meat; so, I went to Whole Foods, and spent my 400 bucks.

Is this story about tail?  About the state of non hiring bliss? Or about The Reconstruction in folks decide. BTW, methinks Coach Car is a great coach, and he may want to beat Cube's (eses...esss's) +ss? 

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