Brackets, the Mockingbird Sports Bar We Always Thought was a Hardware Store, is Closed

Brackets: It served food.
Brackets has closed. The restaurant that earned a scathing review from Hanna Raskin just over a year ago clearly never solved its identity issues.

Raskin trashed nearly every dish, likening the crust on a passable pizza to Chuck E. Cheese's, referencing a bloody and cold steak and calling nachos limp and soggy. Even the fun stuff, ping pong tables and dart boards, earned little praise in the review.

Location Info

Brackets - CLOSED

5300 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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Chris Danger
Chris Danger

I never went in. I missed Trader Vics in the same spot as well..

Rob Lew
Rob Lew

didn't they get any Obama stimulus money?  He will eat any junk food and get them funding.


Come on, this was a stupid, dead location going in.  How can this even be a news item?


The curse of the Tiki gods lives on.

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