At This Weekend's Urban Coop Tour, Everything You Need to Know About Raising Chickens

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East Dallas Urban Coop Tour
The Third Annual Peep at the Coops: The East Dallas Urban Coop Tour is this Sunday, May 20, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There are few rules for the tour. First, you can't bring your dog. (Really? Do we have to make that a rule? If you thought you could bring your dog on a chicken tour, then you're automatically banned from ever raising chickens.)

Tour HQ is at the Stonewall Gardens and Outdoor Science Lab, which is a 20,000-square-foot learning garden for the kids at Stonewall Jackson Elementary at 5828 E. Mockingbird Lane.

On Sunday all types of chicken folks will be hanging out and teaching classes, including: Backyard Chickens 101; Incubating, Hatching and Brooding; and Backyard Poultry. Check A Peep at the Coops for a full line up.

The Texas Worm Ranch, Texas Honeybee Guild (greatest beekeepers ever), and The Custom Coop Company will also be there. Plus, they're raffling off a mobile chicken coop.

Easy Slider and Rockstar Bakeshop food trucks will be around to keep bellies full. For the tour itself, just show up and purchase a $5 map and start your own for a self-guided 13 coop rendezvous.

About Stonewall Gardens: In 2008, funding for the budget for this garden was eliminated by the DISD. Volunteers in the community immediately moved in to establish a nonprofit and it continues to thrive solely through their support. From the Peep at the Coops webiste: "All proceeds from the tour beyond nominal expenses benefit this outdoor learning garden."

Bonus: Shirts with the above design will be for sale at the event.

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I always wanted to raise chickens. But then I'd feel horrible if I ever had to eat my feathery friend. For some reason that T shirt looks like a Communist Russia propaganda shirt. In Communist Russia zee chickens raise you!

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