We Gave Parigi Chef Chad Houser This Big Box of Crap and He Made Us Easter Dinner

Aaand obviously: mortadella.
Welcome to the return of The Box. Last time, Craig Cottier turned the ingredients from The Box into radass St. Paddy's Day drinks. This time, we gave our big box of crap to Chad Houser, Cafe Momentum do-er and Parigi cheffer ("Parigi" means "fucking delicious deviled eggs" in French talk).

Here's the challenge, as we sent it to him:

Hey The Mister Chad Houser Chef of Parigi Guy,

Welcome to The Box. Using each ingredient in this The Box, make us two badass dishes that we can bring to Easter dinner. To eat.

Gotta use each ingredient. No cheating. You can add any ingredients that you want to add.

Contents of The Box:

Cadbury creme eggs
Mortadella (from Jimmy's Food Store)
Sweet Tarts jelly beans
PAAS Easter Egg dye

Good luck, fool. See you soon.
-Alice and Nick

And here's the Tweet we got in response:

beheaded peep chad houser the box.jpg
Chad Houser
Oh, Peep snap.This motherboner is beheading Peeps. And that's just the beginning of the awesome.
Behold: The two dishes Chad Houser made from our craptown Easterbang box:

chad houser soup the box.jpg
Alice Laussade
Smoked carrot and Sriracha soup, with mortadella nest and popcorn-encrusted fried Peep bawl.

Nick Rallo

Nick Rallo
Sweet Tart jelly bean-encrusted lamb with bomb Cadbury Egg sauce.
And now, Chad Houser tells you how he owned The Box:

The jelly-bean-encrusted lamb might just be the perfect Easter feast. And that smoked carrot soup was freaking amazing.

And: A few days after he made that soup, Houser (a.k.a. The Box Banger) told us that a smoked carrot soup was recently added to the ever-changing-always-fresh-and-seasonal-y Parigi menu and they sold out of it. Chad Houser a.k.a. WHAAAAAAAAT says he'll be making it again soon, though. If you go there and it's available, ask for the fried popcorn Peep on top. Trust us.

Thanks for kicking our The Box in its the junk, Chad Houser. You win at life.

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Parigi Restaurant

3311 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

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technically he failed.  what happened to the gel "substance" from the "drained" sweet tart jelly beans?  does he get to conveniently only use part of the product and say he used it all???

Boss Lady
Boss Lady

This man is my hero. Viva Chato!!


I've always wondered how "your fry a peep."

Darren Schmits
Darren Schmits

Love The Box!  If you ever stop doing it, I will cut you!


Love that Peep dismemberment.

I need some of those Sweet-Tart jellybeans.

Alice Laussade
Alice Laussade

1) I appreciate your nitpickery.

2) Tiny bits of those gel chunks were used as decoration on the lamb plate. It happened. I was there. I watched him sprinkle.

Nick R.
Nick R.

I'm pretty dumb. Corrected. 

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