Dear Common Table: Please Don't Put Skittles in Your Drinks. Sincerely, Everyone Ever.

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Taste the rainbow! (It tastes like sadness.)
When I reviewed the Chesterfield, and wrote about drinks the color of Skittles, I was referring to those bight blue drinks you see bopping around inside clubs. Red drinks, too, a vibrant crimson, often containing little alcohol and sometimes shuttled around in test tubes.

What I wasn't thinking about was actual Skittles. Then I found this sangria at the Common Table.

Uptown's premier beer destination serves up sangria in red or white varieties. You'll also get an added bonus: a tablespoon of Skittles tossed onto the ice, just after the drink is poured.

This is not good. If you've ever put Skittles (or other colorful candies) on frozen yogurt at the fro-yo-shit-show, you know they get hard as stone as they cool down. They also bleed their artificial colors into whatever they're decorating.

What you might not know is that Skittles turn into white ghosts after soaking in boozy wine and fruit juice. They look like discolored, pale shadows of their former selves and add more sugar to a drink that already goes down like high-fructose.

I love the Common Table for that gorgeous patio and great beer selection, but when I asked a waitress why there were skittles in my drink she said it was just for fun. Except it's not. That candy has got to go.

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The Common Table

2917 Fairmount St., Dallas, TX

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primi timpano
primi timpano

Just when I thought the Common Table couldn't get any more ridiculous .  .  .


Hello Scott, thanks for the beer love.  As for the skittles in the sangria we actually began doing it as somewhat of a joke.  Problem is, if we're ever out of Skittles there is an overwhelming majority of peeps upset we don't have them (crazy to me too, but they're our customer & we want to make them happy).  SHowever, I can promise you we will never include Skittles in beer.  Cheers, Corey


This is a better idea than a mini Snickers floating in a cocktail.


You may or may not have a point, I could care less, but you dont have to be suck a d*ck ab it. 

Nic Rodriguez
Nic Rodriguez

We used to put Skittles in Zima...when I was in Jr. High.


"For fun"? Is a 16 year old running the bar?

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