The Food of Denton's Arts and Jazz Festival

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JazzFest Cupcake Red Velvet.jpg

The Arts and Jazz Festival should be called the My Chest Will Hurt On Monday Convention. Taking a step into city limits, you're olfactory sense is assaulted with the undeniable, comforting aroma of all things battered and fried.

If only Village Voice Media would invest in smell-o-vision.

JazzFest Cupcake.jpg

Even the cupcakes were smellable from across the grounds. God bless that cupcake stand.
JazzFest Fried Fish and HushPuppies.jpg

Yes, I would like a basket of fried potatoes with some fish fried in cornmeal, and some fried cornmeal balls and three nitroglycerin tabs, please.
JazzFest Corndog Sign.jpg

If I'm ever lost in the desert and stumble upon this sign, I will know the end is near. And I will welcome it completely. There is nothing better than a festival corndog.

JazzFest Fried Onions.jpg

Perhaps the winner of the "FIND THAT SMELL" contest, a pile of fried onion strings seasoned with a metric ton of garlic salt, fresh parmesan and... what is that? Green stuff? Take that away, this is JazzFest dammit.
JazzFest Garlic and Parmesan Fries.jpg

Not to be confused with the garlic parmesan fries. These are 100% worth stealing if left unattended...or from a small child. Or from a small unattended child. Of which there were plenty.
JazzFest Potato Swirly.jpg

I like to call this the Giant Potato Swirly Thing. That may or may or not have to do with the massive amount of beer consumed.

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The revisited Giant Swirly Potato Thing has bac-os, not to be confused with REAL bacon. Just look at that fake color! Why a place can fry potatoes but not fry some bacon to go on top, I'll never understand.

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

Sarah, I've been to Jazzfest, I knew Jazzfest, Jazzfest was a friend of mine. Sarah, this is no Jazzfest.

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