Can Sēr, Nana's Replacement at the Hilton Anotale, Get A Fair Shake After a Rocky Start?

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Nana's Italian cooking was much celebrated.
Poor, poor Sēr. The restaurant that befuddles html code for bloggers everywhere and requires pronunciation notes (it's sear, get it?) has left a bad taste in Dallas' mouth before it's even served up its first plate.

When the folks behind Nana announced the restaurant would shutter to reopen as a steakhouse, Dallas groaned. The News' Leslie Brenner ran a series of blog posts lamenting the death of Nana. D's Nancy Nichols pleaded for Nana to remain untouched.

Now that some information about the new restaurant has surface, coverage has soured even more. On Pegasus, Teresa Gubbins writes that "they could've just made it something other than a steakhouse" when a spokesperson for the restaurant told her that they intend to create a unique steakhouse, different from all others in Dallas. Brenner calls the name impossibly silly. "Oh No! Say It Isn't So!" cried Nancy Nichols.

It makes me wonder whether the restaurant can ever overcome its miserable PR start. Will Sēr win over these critics as the unique steak house the owners intend, or will it forever be mired: the restaurant formerly known as Nana that now serves boring beef?

Location Info

Nana (in the Hilton Anatole Hotel) - CLOSED

2201 Stemmons Frwy, Dallas, TX

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jennylyn mercado
jennylyn mercado

Love the way it looks. Having this order and giving this one a good taste would bring something different. d you have recipe for this that you can give us?

Jennylyn from lino sol 


I'm guessing the place is DOA for local diners but the Anatole probably doesn't care since no one was going to Nana either. I'm sure they wanted to capture a lot of their convention business that went out the door to Bob's, Nick & Sam's, Pappas, etc. I'm note sure the silly pretentious name will help in that regard but I bet their numbers will eventually reflect that they made the right call with the steakhouse move. 

For those lamenting the loss of Nana, when was the last time you went there? Dallas doesn't deserve nice places if they don't make the effort to support them when they're there.

primi timpano
primi timpano

I guess they want to keep more of the hotel patrons, ergo a steak bar.

I guess they think the new name is fancy, so the hotel patrons will think it is a fancy steak bar.

I guess one of the best restaurants in Dallas couldn't keep a crowd; happens all the time, regrettably.

I guess there was a restaurant consultant and maybe a focus group in the mix.

I will bet there is not a good answer to any of this.


Reminds me of when Jones fired Coach Landry.

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