Fish City Grill Wants to Know: How Many Oysters Can You Eat in 30 Seconds?

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There's strategy in everything. Red lights, slot machines, napping at work, bunting. The odds are always better if you have a plan. Strategy!

So what would be the best strategy for eating as many oysters as possible in 30 seconds? Are those slippery bivalves easier to shovel in with your fingers, a fork or by picking up the half shell and slurping? Wonder how Kobayashi would do it. (This video has a few good examples.)

This Sunday, April 29, at 3 p.m., the Fish City Grill on Preston Road is hosting its annual oyster-eating contest. Teams of four are encouraged; each team member stuffs his face for 30 seconds and the winner-winner-oyster-dinner is determined by the sum total. Easy money.

Last year's winner, The Half Shells, slipped down 123 oysters in two minutes. That's more than one per second. Strategy! Winning!

The oyster event benefits the March of Dimes. The general manager of Fish City Grill, Mary Bealmer, said that, yes, there is in fact a $300 entry fee for the contest. But because it's for charity, they have corporate sponsors and no teams for them to sponsor. So make haste. Or, if you're loaded and like to do nice things for other people, sponsor a team.

Prizes include a trip to NOLA.

Teams need to register by Friday (happy hour time-ish) at the Fish City Grill on Preston.

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Fish City Grill Preston Royal

10720 Preston Road, Dallas, TX

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Entry to the event is free - there is a fee only to compete in the eating contest. There are so many people that love oysters and the March of Dimes, that we have filled all our corporate sponsorship slots. Team entries will be accepted until Happy Hour begins today! Even if you don't want to slurp the slimy ones, come out and enjoy great people, live music, crawfish and oysters served anyway you can dream up! 


Eat that many oysters and you might just crap an eel.

primi timpano
primi timpano

I think this may end up being as much a cleanse than a contest, and a pricey one at that.


My friend Tony told me about this single mom that made $4164 in a few weeks on the computer. All she did was work for a few hours a day online. You can see how she did it here


It might not be too clear in the article ... but, you may be able to get in free. They have sponsors that need teams. Sponsors that have already paid. So, free for you. Cleansing? Yes. 

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