Jason Kosmas, Bartender Turned Author, May Soon Turn into a TV Star

Lauren Drewes Daniels
Eater reported the other day that Jason Kosmas, Marquee Grill beverage director, co-owner of Employees Only in NYC and author of two books, is now dabbling in showbiz. Kosmas confirms there's a possible show in the making.

"It's basically a travel show," Kosmas says, "where we go to a city and learn about the local scene and what they do differently, then bring together a couple bartenders to go against each other in a competition."

Sounds like an awful job. Traveling the country to explore unique watering holes. Sampling the goods. Poor kid.

The pilot was shot in Dallas and producers are busy pitching it.

This weekend Kosmas hosted a fundraiser for his friend who Andrew Lostetter, who was recently severely injured in a skiing accident. Kosmas owns two bars in NYC, works as a consultant to many bars around town, has penned two books and is now working on a line of mixer he hopes to bring to market soon, in addition to his day job at Marquee

"Sometimes I feel like I'm like Kramer from Seinfeld," Kosmas says of his excessive dabbling, "creating a coffee table book on coffee tables."

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