Matt McCallister's FT-33 Has a New No. 2: Former Oddfellows Chef Brady Williams

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Kelsey Foster
Since January of last year, chef Brady Williams has been manning the ship at the Spillers Group, the folks behind Union Bear, Oddfellows and Eno's. But Williams told me today that he's got a new gig: chef de cuisine for FT-33, the new Design District restaurant from Matt McCallister.

"It's been in the works a couple months now," Williams told me. He describes his split with Spillers as amicable and says he's been working with owner Matt Spillers to make his transition away from the group as smooth as possible. His last day will be April 30.

Since FT-33 isn't slated to open until late summer or early Fall, I asked Williams what he'd be doing with his free time. In addition to celebrating (Williams claims he seldom takes a day off), he plans at staging (that's not taking time off) at the best restaurants he can get access to across the country. San Francisco and Charleston, South Carolina, are two cities he's targeting. As the new restaurant gets closer to opening, he'll work with McCallister directly as they build out a new menu.

At 30 and 25 respectively, McCallister and Williams make up a young team with bold ambitions. Williams, who thought about working in New York recently, he decided to stay because of what he sees as a rapidly improving food scene. "I care about and really believe in this city," he said.

Williams was recently featured in our Three-Course Meal interview series. You can read more about him here, here and here.

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 I would like a  Neopolitan style Taco Burger made in a wood fired oven with an egg served off a food truck with a gimlet  by a certified mixologist in the Bishops Arts district.

kergo 1 Spaceship
kergo 1 Spaceship

Now THAT is funny; it incorporated everything the COA embodies-genius. 


This is truly a very bright, young combo that will go unbelievable places.  Congrats to whomever put these two together.  Brilliant. Can't wait.

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