Old World Sausage Co.'s Beef and Sausage Sandwich Is a Link to the Past

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Each week, Justin Bitner goes hunting for DFW's most interesting sandwiches. Have a sandwich suggestion? Leave it in the comments and he'll check it out.

Venue: Old World Sausage Co.

Sandwich: The Italian Beef and Sausage Sandwich ($6.95)

Bread: Good old hoagie

Toppings: Home-stuffed Italian sausage, thinly sliced Italian beef, bell peppers and onions

The Case: The last time I took a trip to our dear Dallas Farmers Market, I hit it huge with one of the greatest sandwiches things I have ever eaten. Hoping to nail another edible coup, I turned my eye to the Old World Sausage Company, which hangs link in the northeast corner of Shed 2.

On a busy Saturday afternoon, I snaked my arms through a space in the line to grab a laminated menu with one hand and with the other a toothpick to spear a couple wedges of sausage sitting on a sample platter. I quickly ate the delicious house-made Polish sausage slices off the toothpick while looking over my sandwich choices. When the choices include beef, sausage, or beef AND sausage, who wouldn't pick the third option?

After placing my order at the counter, I waited a few minutes and caught glimpses of my order's construction over the kitchen counter. The only phase I could really see was the shaved beef being raised from a churning, broth-filled Crock Pot and spread generously across the top of the sandwich. Shortly after, I was presented with a small paper boat holding the girthy bread wallet with meat money.

Grabbing a seat at a small table in the corner, I went to work on the sandwich. One of the great things about a sandwich like this is that you can dig into completely different tastes with each layer. The deeply sauteed peppers and onions at the top provided an earthy flavor, while the middle stratum of juiced beef hit a salty note. Lurking at the bottom of the sandwich, the house-made Italian sausage brought the herbal element, as it combined with a great tomato sauce to bring a flavor that was a bit underrepresented in the dish. The bread, which attempted to keep the family of ingredients together, gave way in the latter stages of the meal, but was decent in its composed state.

Overall, the sandwich was a fair option, but I may need to head back to get my hands on the Polish sausage sandwich, as the couple wedges I tried were excellent.

The Verdict: For a link to the past, check out the Old World Sausage Co, serving them up hot in Shed 2.

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Old World Sausage Company

1010 S. Pearl Expressway, Dallas, TX

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Although I haven’t tasted the exact dish, I’m pretty confident that this wonderful-looking sandwich is being served fresh. That’s what I really want from sandwiches, and I believe that everyone deserves to eat meticulously picked food. If I have the free time, I’ll try to go to that store and try some of their tasty dishes.



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Erics Shackle
Erics Shackle

Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

You may like to read an article I've written,

"250 Years of Sandwiches", which the UK webzine

Open Writing has published:


You are welcome to copy it.

Best wishes,

Eric Shackle (retired Sydney journalist)


Doesn't compete with the sausage and peppers sandwich that the old Italian guy would make in the North Jersey suburbs of my ute.

Every saturday, a big pot of it cooking away on his stove top.

Man o man if I only had a time machine.


Do they make their own Italian Beef or is it Vienna from Chicago?

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