Five Places to Drink While the College Kids Are Gone for Spring Break

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These guys are out of town, which means it's time to embrace your favorite college haunts
College kids are a specific type of drinker. They like to shotgun or funnel cheap beer and do shots of every color of the rainbow, and they are driven primarily by volume and cost. That's why ice beers are best: They have the highest percentage of alcohol by volume, which makes them a favorite even though they taste like shit.

Not every college bar caters to these needs. Some actually pour a decent pint and serve good food. They can be great places to drink when you're not sitting on a stool next to a dude that calls you brah and your feet don't stick to the floor in the bathroom.

Enter Spring Break: one of a few times of the year where you can duck into a bar predominately patronized by college kids, enjoy a drink or two and not worry about leaving with a staph infection. Enjoy the following while all the kids are safely sequestered in Cancun for the next few days.

The Ginger Man
This old two-story house offers up picnic-style seating in the beer garden out back, an upstairs lounge with its own bar and more than 80 draft beers. The Ginger Man tends to fill up quickly during happy hours, but not this week. With weather in the 80s this should make a pretty good place to drink like a college kid.

With the Denton 35 throngs long gone, ease yourself into a chair at Paschall. The drinks here have always been good, but the small capacity makes it hard to get comfortable. Seize the opportunity and tie one on.

Quarter Bar
The Quarter bar is one of my favorite places on McKinney. They've got a great bar staff, but the customers skew young and drunk. This would be a great time to sit in the atrium and enjoy a cold beer.

Milo Butterfingers
Cheap drinks, good sandwiches and friendly servers make it a relaxing place to take in a game. With the first round of March Madness coming, there's no better week to do it.

Trinity Hall
Already the site of my favorite hangover cure, Trinity Hall only gains appeal when you don't have to fight young competition for a bar stool. After this week, you wont have peace here until later this summer.

All of these spots make a good place to drink like you're 21 again. And without a younger crowd to age yourself against, you can do it without feeling like too much of a douche yourself.

Location Info


Ginger Man

2718 Boll St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

Paschall Bar

122 N. Locust St., Denton, TX

Category: Music

Milo Butterfinger's

5645 Yale Blvd., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

Trinity Hall Irish Pub

5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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The Quarter Bar
The Quarter Bar

Hey D.O.! Thanks for the shout out. We have great daily specials to best serve our college devotees... Come see us this week (or heck, any week!)

Mondays: 1/2 priced pizza and $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon Tuesdays: $2 Select Drafts and Frozens Wednesdays: 1/2 priced bar food until 10:00 pm Thursdays: $2 Wells and Domestics until 10:00 pm Saturdays: 1/2-priced pints and burgers from Noon to 6 PM Sundays: all Texas branded liquors and beers are 1/2-priced from 4pm till close

Kergo1 Spaceship
Kergo1 Spaceship

Two years ago I had the non pleasure of being in South Padre on Spring Break......what a freaking beating!  Thank god people learn as they get older.  


Hmmmmnnnn....point missed?

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

About 22 years ago I had the opportunity to do the same..and it was AWESOMETIME!  A buck for a Corona and shot of tequil-ya!

Kergo1 Spaceship
Kergo1 Spaceship

Reitzy is no older than 29.....his chemical composition probably makes him respond to spring by daydrinking.  Took me years to get over "springbreak fever"!  Heck, I can finally go to the GA parade without drinking.

Kergo1 Spaceship
Kergo1 Spaceship

about 22 years ago I did the was AWESOMETOWN. Two years ago when I went everyone was puking or wanting to fight.


 I think they call that a quitter and meetings might also be in order for you !

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