My Private Chef's Holly Muller Usually Just Hosts the Pop-Ups; This Time Her Food Stars

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During the day, Holly Muller is a food nutritionist who runs My Private Chef, a service that cooks, packages and freezes well-balanced meals for customers who don't have time to cook or are looking for a simple way to lose weight with food that doesn't suck.

At night time, however, My Private Chef ditches the tofu and becomes a sort of culinary wild west, hosting pop-up dinners by chefs like David Temple, Nicole Gossling and, recently, Sharon Hage. And this weekend, Muller herself will finally take the helm of her private kitchen, and she plans to work with fresh, local and artisan ingredients.

Jon Alexis, co-owner of T.J's Seafood, will attend and speak on the sustainability and health benefits of seafood. And Muller plans on working with some of Alexis' products for the meal. She mentioned Jimmy's sausage and Tom Spicer's arugula.

While healthful cooking is normally Muller's goal, don't worry: It's not her priority for this meal. "There will be no shortage of butter use here," she said.

Seatings are $60 per person for the March 24th dinner. Click here to book.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

MSN headline......"85-year-old's Olive Garden review goes viral". 

Enough said.  I though the core demo was actually older than that.

It's time for Me to Review My Worst Food establishments in town:-Dickey's (specialty-gristle sandwiches)-Olive Garden (bleeeeccckkkt!)-The Taco Bueno on Spring Creek and Central (I love being made fun of in Spanish!)

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